Learn English With Dialogue Between two Friends

Learn English With Dialogue. Learning English Dialogue Between two Friends full conversation example here. The daily English conversation dialogues are given in this blog to benefit your life and activities and words.

There are many people who have a good hold on grammar but when it comes to daily life-related English conversation dialogues, they start fumbling. But this situation can easily be avoided by learning some basic everyday life English dialogues and practicing those.

Importance Of Learning English Dialogue

Here in this article, we are providing a Learning English conversation for daily life. See Dialogue Between two Friend about English language learning for future life and everyday lifetime. So follow the example below.

Must Read: Importance Of Learning English Dialogue

Learn English With Dialogue

English is the most important part of our daily life so English Conversation Practice every day. Any time English Conversation Practice your friend and family then you are an expert on Conversation talks in English.

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Question: English is an international language. Hence, it is very essential for many reasons. Now, write a dialogue in 100 words between two friends about Learning English.

Answer: A dialogue between Mr. Akash and Aiyub about the importance of learning English:

Mr. Aksah: Hi! my Friend.

Aiyub: Hello Mr. Aksah! How are you?

Mr. Aksah: Fine. And you?

Aiyub: I am also fine. thank you too.

Mr. Aksah: I’m looking for you.

Aiyub: Oh! Sure. But Why?

Mr. Aksah: Recently, I started an English learning course. If you want to learn English then start with me.

Aiyub: Yes, Sure. But How?

Mr. Aksah: I am joining an English learning course on a Youtube channel controlled by Md. Rafique sir.

Aiyub: Oh! I know this sir too. He teaches very good English. I’m interested.

Mr. Aksah: English is an international language. So we all should learn this language. If we don’t learn it, we can’t express our position anywhere in the world.

Aiyub: Also, if you know the English language, you can get jobs in various big companies. Moreover, if you know English, it is possible to join all kinds of international jobs very easily.

Mr. Aksah: Hmmm! You get the point.

Aiyub: Tell me now. How can I join this course?

Mr. Aksah: Since you are interested in joining I will do everything for your joining. You just give me your national identity card.

Aiyub: Thanks, my Friends.

Mr. Aksah: You are most welcome.

Aiyub: Take care. Goodbye.

Mr. Aksah: You also take care. Goodbye.

Daily Life English Dialogues about Weather

Question: English is an important part of our life. Now, write a dialogue in 100 words between two friends about the Daily Life in English conversation.

Answer: A dialogue between Mr. Akash and Aiyub about Daily Life in English conversation:

Mr. Akash: It’s like flooding outside! What happened to the weather report? I thought this depression was supposed to pass.

Aiyub: Yeah, we all thought so too. That’s what I read online this morning. I missed my office for this too.

Mr. Aksah: I guess a thunderstorm is on its way too.

Aiyub: Can we go inside? I am already half wet!

Write a Learning English Dialogues about You and your teacher.

Question: English is an important part of our School life. Now, write a dialogue in 100 words between You and yout school teacher about Learning English.

Answer: A dialogue between Myself and My teacher about Learning English conversation:

Myself: Good afternoon. Sir! How are you?

Teacher: Fine. And you?

Myself: I am also fine. I’m looking for you, sir.

Teacher: Oh! Sure. But Why?

Myself: I am very raw in English sir. will you teach me English? Because English is the most important part of modern life. Also necessary for any kind of job sector. So I have decided to learn English.

Teacher: Thanks for understanding that English is necessary for the modern world.

Myself: How can I learn English properly?

Teacher: Recently, I’ve started an English learning course. If you want to learn English then start with my course.

Myself:  Yes, Sure. But How?

Teacher: I am starting with the online and offline batches in my house. If you interested then join my any one batch then you want.

Myself:  Oh! I want to join your offline batch.

Teacher: I will start my offline course next month. So join at the right time.

Myself:  Sure, Sir.

Teacher: Hmmm! You get the point.

Myself:  Thanks, my teacher.

Teacher: You are most welcome.

Myself:  Take care. Goodbye, sir.

Teacher: You also take care. Goodbye.

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