Daily Conversation Dialogue between two people

Daily Conversation Dialogue between two people example here. The daily English conversation dialogues are given in this blog to benefit your life and activities and words. You must emphasize your words and sentences because it makes you an impactful and valuable person. The main reason behind learning any language is to be able to communicate or express oneself.

Today we would like to share with you the English conversations in real life with a lot of common phrases that you use these conversations to practice at home.

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Daily Conversation Dialogue

Daily Life English Dialogues- Introduction

Mr. Aiyub: “Hey Harry, how have you been? Long time no see!”

Hasan: “Hey! What a surprise! Yes, you are right, we haven’t seen each other in a long time. How have you been?”

Mr. Aiyub: “There is an important campaign next week which is keeping me busy otherwise rest is going good in my life. How about you?”

Hasan: “Oh! I just finished a meeting with a very important client of mine and now I finally have some free time. I feel relieved that I’m done with it.”

Mr. Aiyub: “Good for you then. Hey! Let’s make a plan and catch up with each other after next week. What do you say?”

Hasan:  “Sure, why not? Give me a call when you are done with your project.”

Mr. Aiyub: Sure, then. Bye, take care.

Hasan: Bye buddy.

Daily life 2

Abir: I have a problem with my credit card.

Bokor: What’s wrong with it?

Abir: There is a charge on my card that I didn’t make.

Bokkor: Can you tell me what the charge was?

Abir: It’s for a purse that cost $350.

Bokkor: Are you positive that you didn’t buy the purse?

Abir: I can’t even afford a purse that expensive.

Bokkor: I’m very sorry. When was this purchase made?

Abir: I was at work, but the purchase was made at 3:15 on November 12th.

Bokkor: We’re going to investigate this claim.

Abir: Do I have to pay for this charge?

Bokkor: You won’t have to pay for anything.

Daily life 3

Akash: Hi, how are you doing?

Bokkor: I’m fine. How about yourself?

Akash: I’m pretty good. Thanks for asking.

Bokkor: No problem. So how have you been?

Akash: I’ve been great. What about you?

Bokkor: I’ve been good. I’m in school right now.

Akash: What school do you go to?

Bokkor: I go to PCC.

Akash: Do you like it there?

Bokkor: It’s okay. It’s a really big campus.

Akash: Good luck with school.

Bokkor: Thank you very much.

Real life – 4

Akash: Hey, Lia! It’s good to see you.

Aiyub: You, too. I haven’t seen you in a few days. How are you? How’s it going?

Akash: Not bad. I’m so busy with the classes I’m taking. How about you?

Aiyub: I’m okay. I know you’re busy with classes. My job’s really hectic this time of year, too. What’s new with you?

Akash: Nothing much. I’m on my way to the mall. I need some time off! Do you remember Lana? She’s there. Ha! She’s always at the mall! I think a lot of our friends plan to just hang out at the mall tonight.

Aiyub: Who? Oh yeah. I remember Lana. She’s the one with the scary-looking dog. I don’t want to hang out with that dog!

Akash: Ha! You aren’t afraid of that little tiny dog, are you? Well, I’m sure Rover isn’t at the mall.

Aiyub: Actually, I’m headed to the mall later, anyway. There’s a huge sale going on. I think they’re open extra late.

Akash: Great! Maybe I’ll see you there.

Aiyub: Sounds good. We’re both good shoppers! If I get there before you leave, maybe I’ll see you. After all, we aren’t leaving until we see all the sales. And I’m not leaving until I have some cute new shoes!

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