Waven Tier List 2023 – Updated February 2023

Now i will discuss about Waven Tier List 2023 – Updated February 2023, MMORPGs, or massively multiplayer online role-playing games, have become increasingly popular in recent years. One of the main draws of these games is the ability to customize and choose from a variety of characters to play. However, with so many options available, it can be overwhelming for players to determine which characters are the best to use in combat.

To help players navigate the vast selection of characters available in Waven, a popular MMORPG, our website has created a tier list ranking each hero into one of five different tiers. This ranking system allows players to quickly identify which heroes are the strongest, and which may not be worth investing time or resources in.

The Waven character tier list is an invaluable resource for players looking to optimize their gameplay and improve their chances of success in battle. By identifying which heroes are the most powerful, players can strategically build their teams and increase their chances of victory. If you’re a Waven player looking to gain an edge in the game, be sure to check out our tier list to help you make informed decisions about which heroes to use.

Waven Heroes Tier List 2023

Before using our Waven tier list, it’s important to note that the rankings are based on our personal experience and preferences, and may not necessarily align with your own. While we’ve tried to be as objective as possible in our rankings, it’s possible that you may have a different opinion.

That being said, if you’re looking to optimize your gameplay and increase your chances of victory in Waven, we recommend focusing on characters ranked in the S and A tiers, as these are generally considered the most powerful and effective in combat.

Our tier list includes all Waven characters and their rankings based on their individual skills and abilities. Use it as a starting point for building your ideal team, but don’t hesitate to experiment and find what works best for your playstyle.

Waven Tier List

SScalpel De LapostrukerS
SGantares Des CendresS
SGalive StakatossS
SLame OuraiS
SRegulant GurapapaS
ACatalysteur PramiumA
ALamarguedon SpectralA
AEcorcheur ShugenA
ALame VoraciousA
AAmbre TamashiA
AVoldorak VoA
BSurin SourokanB
BBaton TonfavikB
BBouvalouir OrokB
BJustelame BrutaleB
CPinceau KokoroC
CSynchronisateur TakoC
CGemme DephasanteC
CCisaille OrishiC
DFlamboyante KasaiD
DAiguille PikuxalaD
DDarde KanD
DKen KartanaD
DShiru ShadenD