Ramadan Calendar 2022 Bangladesh – রমজান মাসের সেহরী ও ইফতারের সময়সূচি ২০২২

Islamic foundation Bangladesh today posted Ramadan Calendar 2022. রমজান মাসের সেহরী ও ইফতারের সময়সূচি ২০২২ is most important for Bangladeshi muslim people. Ramadan Iftar Sehri Timetable 2022 Bangladesh at www.islamicfoundation.gov.bd. Most of the Bangladeshi Muslim people search on google as Islamic foundation Bangladesh Ramadan calendar 2022. 02 April 2022 will started Ramadan month and ended on 02 May 2022. Most of the Muslim religion are know that the first 10 days are rohomot day, the middle 10 days are mug first and the last 10 days are called and days.

Islamic foundation Bangladesh Ramadan calendar 2022

In this Ramadan 2022 Bangladesh Arabic month Hijri 1443. Today we will know details about the Full Sahr-O-Iftar Timings 2022 of Bangladesh. Ramadan is the 9th month in the Islamic calendar / Hijri Calendar Hijri 1443. The length of the Month varies between 29 and 30 days depending on the sighting of the Shawwal Moon which leads to the much-awaited Islamic festival of Eid ul Fitr on the 1st of Shawwal.

The Ramadan Calendar in Bangladesh will start on 02 April 2022. You must require knowing that, Ramadan is the 02 May Month of the Islamic Calendar and all Islamic Starts depending on the Moon setup. Ramadan is one of the Five Pillars of Islam and during this holy month, Al-Quran was first revealed to the Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W.).

রমজান মাসের সেহরী ও ইফতারের সময়সূচি ২০২২- Ramadan time table 2022

romjaner calendar 2022  (Hijri 1443) – ramadan 2022 Bangladesh

Islamic foundation Bangladesh Ramadan timetable 2022
012 April 202204: 27 AM06:19 PM
023 April 202204:26 AM06:20 PM
034 April 202204:24 AM06:20 PM
045 April 202204:24 AM06:21 PM
056 April 202204:23 AM06:21 PM
067 April 202204:22 AM06:21 PM
078 April 202204:21 AM06:22 PM
089 April 202204:20 AM06:22 PM
0910 April 202204:19 AM06:23 PM
1011 April 202204:18 AM06:23 PM
1112 April 202204:17 AM06:23 PM
1213 April 202204:15 AM06:24 PM
1314 April 202204:14 AM06:24 PM
1415 April 202204:13 AM06:24 PM
1516 April 202204:12 AM06:25 PM
1617 April 202204:11 AM06:25 PM
1718 April 202204:10 AM06:26 PM
1819 April 202204:09 AM06:26 PM
1920 April 202204:08 AM06:27 PM
2021 April 202204:07 AM06:27 PM
2122 April 202204:06 AM06:32 PM
2223 April 202204:05 AM06:28 PM
2324 April 202204:05 AM06:28 PM
2425 April 202204:04 AM06:29 PM
2526 April 202204:03 AM06:29 PM
2627 April 202204:02 AM06:29 PM
2728 April 202204:01 AM06:30 PM
2829 April 202204:00 AM06:30 PM
2930 April 202203:59 AM06:31 PM
301 May 202203:58 AM06:31 PM

The word ‘Ramadan’ comes from the Arabic word‘ Ramad / Ramida’ which means scorching heat or drought. Non-Muslims are not required to fast during Ramadan but do avoid eating, drinking, or smoking in public during daylight hours. Although not punishable by law, such wanton display may attract unwanted attention from the locals as it is considered rude.

So the word Ramadan means abstinence from eating and/or drinking anything from dawn till dusk. As restaurants and other eateries remain open, albeit more discreetly, people looking for food during the day will not present a problem.

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