NID Card Online Registration 2022

In this article how to NID Card Online Registration 2022 The rules for online new voter ID are 2022. The new old voter can apply online to make a new national certificate or ID for 16 cards for voting.

If you have a new voter ID card rule, if you have an old 16, you can register online to make a new national assembly or voter ID card. Today I am, how to do the voter button online, how you can do your national parliament portal (NID online registration) with the help of your mobile or computer.

Voter Registration online

How do I make a voter ID card? Applying for a new voter ID card online is a very simple and concise process. Apply online with your personal information and submit it to your nearest election office. Your application verification method you will be called to give the photo fingerprint and you will have to give a voter portal slip. Out of these 15, 10 can download the independence letter from your application to the National Assembly.

Required for National Identity Card/Voter ID

  • Registration at NID Application System –
  • Providing personal information
  • Submission of Online Application
  • Application Verification
  • Biometric Payment (Biometric Information – Photo, Fingerprint)
  • Download/Collection of National Policy Sheets

Step 1- Apply for a new voter ID card online

You can apply for id card (nid card er Jonno abandon) for voters online from nid online registration website through the internet browser on a mobile or computer.

The advantage of applying online is that you are spreading your information here because the information of the national letter is not in the wrong direction. And your INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY will be the national policy paper.

Follow the steps below for the portal of the new National Assembly online.

1. This registration
First of all, the Ceiling will have to register your descent in the Bangladesh NID Application System. Look at the water test.

Click on your name, date of birth, and captcha ET virus Bahl or submit button here.

Then you need to enter the mobile number for mobile verification. Of course, you are active and at this point, you will get such a mobile number.

Of course, you or the person who is applying must provide their own mobile number. Because the number has to be passed to log in or to change the word.

Click on the 6-digit verification pin title and the retain button that comes to your mobile, go to the next step.

Here you need to set a unique username and password (password). So that this password can log in with user and word, download the national parliament letter, apply and other services.

The username is a mix of English names and numbers and the password should be 8 digits.

Username already exists

Remember, don’t keep your username on the side with others. So the head account is unique to write it.

2. Personal Information

If there is a discount registration in the National Education Certificate Application System, you will do a dorboard. If you can’t log in automatically, you can log in with your username and password.

Given the rules, apply for your new national correspondence. Click on the Plastic option and click on the Edit button from Send.

Then you’ll find a page like Depta, where you need to share your personal information, other information and information.

Choose your location country. Then you want to allow that condition to be met.

Select current and address and select area.

In the next step, you need to upload the letter.

3. Upload documents and submit applications

Your application will be submitted by the Upazila Election Office. You can contact me.

The application will be called for incorrect promotion of your photo and fingerprint (biometric information). After 10 to 15 days of this, you can download the National Policy Paper from online with your application.

Step 4 – Download the National Identity Card

If the application is approved, you will receive the message on your mobile number, you can apply

You can see the end status of your application from your NID application system’s dashboard.

If the application is made, you can download the new national policy sheet or voter card by clicking Download from the side of the dashboard.

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