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We are trying to give our visitors how to create a unique Curriculum Vitae resume format. Curriculum Vitae synonyms are cover letter, resume format, etc. You can find full details for cv related at this circular post. Please read the full circular post below.

What is a CV?

CV meaning is Curriculum Vitae. A CV is a document in which you list all of your professional and educational histories. CV is the short name for curriculum vitae – course of life. A resume’s sole purpose is to provide potential employees with a detailed overview of just your course of own life.

At least Curriculum Vitae in regards to your professional and educational achievements. A cover letter similar to Curriculum Vitae too. My resume is also similar to a Cover letter. In the below text, you can see all the information.

Kinds of Curriculum Vitae.

Curriculum Vitae type of three number. best cv format select option to own. There are three CV format options to choose from: chronological, functional, and combined. Now this time we are exploring the full information below. 

At this time It tops three cover letter formats. CV is the most needed ducument category for the job and study sector. If you want to details for this resume item stay with us and read the full circular post very carefully.

What elements to include on a CV or cover letter?

You can read the full circular post and then get an answer to these questions. Bellow, the written elements are most important for creating a curriculum vitae or cover letter resume. You can be following step by step of resume format elements below.

  • Personal or Contact information: This position firstly stays under your name. Second your father’s name and mother’s name. Next position stay your present address and also your permanent address here. And more elements like Your nationality, date of birth, contact information, contact number, National identity card, etc. This part is important for writing the best cv format in word.
  • Academic history or all Educational Qualification: Academic history means the owner of the resume candidate all school, college, and university educational history list. This topic is most important for resume cover letter format writing.
  • Professional experience: Include the organization in that you are working for. It’s you before others’ work organization history. If you are creating a cover letter for fast-time work for any organization then it’s an optional issue.
  • Qualifications and skills: Now the topic is very important for making the best cover letter. It’s for your work qualification and your work or technical skills.
  • Publications and presentations: For publications, provide a full citation including your co-authors, date, summary, volume, page, and DOI number. For presentations, provide the title, date, and venue where you presented.
  • Signature: The last step of writing a Curriculum Vitae is your signature and signature date.

The best resume structure up contains that we are written in one to six steps. If you can understand for up discussing contain than you make a cover letter format word, pdf, txt, etc. The visitor can also find on our website post a professional cv template for free download.

how to write a cv or how to write a cover letter example

Most people search in Google like how to write a cover letter, how to write a Curriculum Vitae example, resume writing format in word file, etc. Now, this we are helped for that’s people who don’t write the best resume format.

If you want to create the best cv format so, follow our full circular posts very carefully. Our site provides step-by-step rules for making the best cover letter format. When you write a resume writing format that time you need some number of items for your resume writing examples. However, follow the rules below.

Step One: The number one step is your address area. It’s the main and important part of writing the best cv format. Fill up full details in your information like your name, father’s name, mother’s name, home address, contact address, national id number, etc.

Step two: Number two is your academic qualification details. In one step fill up the full academic degree that you gain.

Step three: The number of step three is a finished area in the written and updated cv format in word. Write the date and your signature.

If you have already fill-up all the step information then you can create the best cv template word. Otherwise, if you can’t make a cover letter sample then follow our website post. At this time we provide a simple resume format for those who can not write a cv. See below a resume format for example.

standard cv format bd pdf download

Standard CV format

Personal details:

1. Name: your full name

2. Father’s Name: your father’s name

3. Mother’s Name: your mother’s name

4. Permanent Address: House-no, Road-no, village- name,

P/O name,  Your city name

5. Date of Birth:  Your birth date

6. Gender: Male or Female

7. Marital Status: Unmarred

8. Nationality: Your country’s name

9. National ID: 8514XXXXXXXXX

10. Religion: Your religion

11. Contact Number: 0192XXXXXX

12. Current Location: Your location

It’s the step of your address area. Now this time follow the number and fill up your cv forms. You can fill up the correct address on yours.

13. Educational Qualification           :

Name of the Exam/DegreeYear of PassingGroup/SubjectBoard/UniversityResult with Division/Class

Several 13 steps write you all passed educational degree GPA point, passing year, subject name, and your education board name.


Now, this time if you are reading the full cv writing post on our website. You can make good cover letter examples for yours. We provide a curriculum vitae format pdf in this post. You can easily download this cv writing format.

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