How To Check Computer Uptime

How To Check Computer Uptime easily. Today you can see how to check pc uptime details in the easy ways. In this post, you can see computer uptime information.

Computer users can see the PC Uptime in many ways. See below the step by step on how to check the computer uptime on windows 7, 8, and 10.

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How To Check Computer Uptime

Method 1 From Task Manager

  • Bring up the Task Manager by right-clicking the clock in the lower-right corner of the taskbar and selecting Task Manager. Alternatively, you could press CTRL + ALT +Delete.
  • Select the “Performance“ tab. If you cannot see tabs, select the “More details” option.
  • You can see system uptime located toward the bottom of the window. This will provide you with a lifetime period on how long the system has been on.

Option 2 Net Statistics Command

  • Select “Start“.
  • Type “cmd“, then press “Enter“.
  • Type “net statistics workstation“, then press “Enter“.
  • Toward the top of the output, there is a line that says “Statistics Since…” that will show the time the computer last came online. It provides other data too, such as sessions accepted, amount of data sent, system errors, and print jobs spooled.
  • Similarly, the “net stats server” command can be used in server versions of Windows such as Windows 2016.

Method 3 Systeminfo Command

  1. Select “Start“.
  2. Type “cmd“, then press “Enter“.
  3. Type “systeminfo“, then press “Enter“.
  4. A line labeled “System Boot Time” will be displayed

This information is useful to system administrators if they want to see if a reboot has been applied to the system recently. You can do so using one of these two methods.

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