Hogwarts Legacy – How to Fix Lost Save and Progress

Many of us looking for the article about How to Fix Lost Save and Progress. We at Hogwarts Legacy understand the value of your time, and thus present to you our expertly crafted guide to resolving any lost save or progress issues that you may encounter whilst playing our game.

How to Fix Lost Save and Progress

Should you launch the game, only to find that it fails to load your progress, we are here to assist you in resolving this problem.

To commence the process, please locate and open the designated folder in your directory, labeled as “C:\Users%USER%\AppData\Local\Hogwarts Legacy\Saved\SaveGames%RANDOM NUMBER%\”. It is highly recommended that you create a backup copy of this folder and store it on your desktop for ease of access.

The next step is to remove all saved files from the original folder, excluding the oldest file which should resemble the following format: “HL00-XX.sav”. Thereafter, proceed to start a new game and create an entirely new save file.

Play until you reach the first autosave point, which occurs upon the receipt of the healing potion. Once achieved, kindly close the game and take note of the name of the last save file created by the game.

To continue, rename your original save file, which should be labeled as “HL-00-XX.sav”, utilizing the name of the last save file provided by the game. This action will overwrite any existing saved file.

After completing these aforementioned steps, commence the game once again. You should now have access to your previously saved progress, enabling you to continue playing from where you previously left off.

If, by chance, you have followed these instructions and are still unable to access your saved progress, please consider utilizing older saved files from your backup copy. It is possible that the last file was damaged, as I myself have experienced such an issue.

We hope that this guide has proven useful in your endeavors, and wish you the best of luck in your continued pursuit of magical excellence at Hogwarts Legacy.

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