Business Conversation Dialogue about two people

Everyone wants to apply the English language to their business conversation. Today you can see the Business Conversation Dialogue about two people.

You may know the right English phrases to book a room for the night, to make a business deal, to use transportation. But other conversations can be more… personal. Conversations between friends are something your textbook or English class may not have prepared you for.

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Business Conversation Dialogue

Conversation 1

Habib: Hello Abir. How are you?

Abir: I am fine and you.

Habib: Fine. how are you doing now?

Abir: I am starting a business plan.

Habib: Oh. Really.

Abir: Also, I’m starting a new business.

Habib: If you don’t mind I will share with you my business plan.

Abir: Yes. Sure.

Habib: Thank you.

Abir: Welcome.

2 Changing the industry because of an uncertain future

Mr. Aiyub: You look bit down. What’s the matter?

Akash: (Sighs) Nothing much.

Mr. Aiyub: Looks like something isn’t right.

Akash: Ya. It’s at the job front. You know that the telecom industry is going through a rough patch because of falling prices and shrinking margins. These factors along with consolidation in the industry is threatening the stability of our jobs. And even if the job remains, career growth isn’t exciting.

Mr. Aiyub: I know. I’ve been reading about some of these issues about your industry in the newspapers. So have you thought of any plan?

Akash: I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but haven’t concretized anything so far.

Mr. Aiyub:What have you been thinking, if you can share?

Akash: Well, I’ve been thinking of switching to an industry that has at least few decades of growth left.

Mr. Aiyub: That’s the right approach, but you need to reskill yourself for the industry you’re targeting.

Akash: I realize that, and I’ve been leaning toward digital marketing because in that industry I can carry over some of my skills from the current job. Another reason for this inclination is that digital marketing requires far less hardcore technical skills, which will make it relatively easier for me to acquire new skills.

Mr. Aiyub: Your choice makes sense. So are you thinking of making the transition in near future?

Akash: Not immediately. I need to keep the job, as I’ve EMIs to pay. I’m 80-90 percent sure I’ll go with digital marketing as the industry to reskill in, but in the next 2-3 weeks I’ll take more opinions on other options, after all I wouldn’t want to change the industry again. And once I finalize the industry, I’ll explore different options to reskill while keeping my current job.

Mr. Aiyub: Sounds like a plan. If you need I can put you in touch with a few friends who can help you finalize your future industry.

Akash: That will be awesome. Thanks so much.

Mr. Aiyub: You’re welcome.

Conversation 3

Akash: Well, as you know we sell all over the world so we’re thinking in terms of a pretty large consignment, so I thought it might save time if I came straight to the man who makes the decisions.
Imran: Decisions.
Akash: Yes. You know delivery dates discount special terms details like that.
Imran: Yes. Although I’m not sure there’d be any difference in price. You know our wholesale terms are fairly definite.
Akash: Fairly.
Imran: No. No. I mean they’re all laid down.
Akash: You did say fairly definite.
Imran: Well, of course, the price varies according to the number you order.
Akash: And we want over a hundred thousand.
Imran: I see.
Akash: If I’m not wrong, your price reduction stops at only ten thousand orders. Then you lower it to seventy-five rupees per umbrella. That’s not cheap when you consider transport, customs duty, and a whole variety of different taxes.
Imran: Oh, come Mr. Kamran. After all, we do have the patent on my umbrella. And there is a huge demand for it. On a hundred thousand you could make a fortune.
Akash: That’s all very well, Mr. Saleem, but you know as well as I do that there are many invisible, insurance, packaging, unexpected devaluation, strikes, all of which cost money. I’m running quite a risk.
Imran: We have our risk too.
Akash: Of course, I know you have but I do think a slight reduction would be in order. Come on let’s say fifty rupees per umbrella.
Imran: Fifty Rs. You must be joking! Why that’s less than the manufacturing price?
Akash: Really? Well, if you say so.
Imran: No it really is. I honestly don’t see why we should go below seventy-five Rs.
Akash: Well, you know we may not be able to place an order at that price.
Imran: Hum, that would be a pity. Well perhaps we’d better think it over and I’ll consult one or two people. Shall we have lunch tomorrow?
Akash: Good idea. And I do hope it will come to something. It really will be a pity if it doesn’t!

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