Booking A Hotel Room Dialogue Between Two Friends

Read Booking A Hotel Room Dialogue Between Two Friends. Below are some typical dialogues between a hotel receptionist at The Grand Woodward Hotel and a guest. Here you will find typical conversations that deal with making reservations, checking in, and also checking out.

In this article, we are conversation two friends Mr. Akash and Aiyub about booking a whole room. So read the text on the latest conversation by booking a hotel room.

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Booking A Hotel Room Dialogue

Conversation 01

Mr. Abir: Good morning, Pine trees Hotel. How can I help you today?

Customer: Hello, I would like to book a room for tonight / Friday, August 15th / the 20th till the 23rd.

Mr. Abir: What kind of room would you like?

Customer: I would like a double room, please.

Mr. Abir: Please hold on I will check… I am afraid we only have a single room available. Tomorrow we will have a double room

Customer: OK that will do. How much for a single room?

Mr. Abir: Forty pounds including vat / excluding vat / before vat.

Customer: Are meals included in that price?

Mr. Abir: Yes, your breakfast and dinner are included and are served in our dining room.

Customer: That’s great; I will take a single room for tonight and change to a double room tomorrow.

Mr. Abir: Can you give me your credit card details so we can book your room…

Conversation 02

Mr. Akash: Good morning. Welcome to The Grand Woodward Hotel.
Aiyub: Hi, good morning. I’d like to make a reservation for the third weekend in September. Do you have any vacancies?
Mr. Akash: Yes sir, we have several rooms available for that particular weekend. And what is the exact date of your arrival?
Aiyub: The 24th.
Mr. Akash: How long will you be staying?
Aiyub: I’ll be staying for two nights.
Mr. Akash: How many people are the reservation for?
Aiyub: There will be two of us.
Mr. Akash: And would you like a room with twin beds or a double bed?
Aiyub: A double bed, please.
Mr. Akash: Great. And would you prefer to have a room with a view of the ocean?
Aiyub: If that type of room is available, I would love to have an ocean view. What’s the rate for the room?
Mr. Akash: Your room is five hundred and ninety dollars per night. Now what name will the reservation be listed under?
Aiyub: Charles Hannigan.
Mr. Akash: Could you spell your last name for me, please?
Aiyub: Sure. H-A-N-N-I-G-H-A-N
Mr. Akash: And is there a phone number where you can be contacted?
Aiyub: Yes, my cell phone number is 555-26386.
Mr. Akash: Great. Now I’ll need your credit card information to reserve the room for you. What type of card is it?
Aiyub: Visa. The number is 987654321.
Mr. Akash: And what is the name of the cardholder?
Aiyub: Charles H. Hannigan.
Mr. Akash: Alright, Mr. Hannighan, your reservation has been made for the twenty-fourth of September for a room with a double bed and a view of the ocean. Check-in is at 2 o’clock. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call us.
Aiyub: Great, thank you so much.
Mr. Akash: My pleasure. We’ll see you in September, Mr. Hannighan. Have a nice day.

Conversation 03

Receptionist: — Good afternoon, San Felice Hotel. May I help you?
Mr. Aiyub: — …
Receptionist: — Certainly. When for, madam?
Mr. Aiyub: — …
Receptionist: — How long will you be staying?
Mr. Aiyub: — …
Receptionist: — What kind of room would you like, madam?
Mr. Aiyub: — …
Receptionist: — Certainly, madam. I´ll just check what we have available. . . Yes, we have a room on the 4th floor with a really splendid view.
Mr. Aiyub: — …
Receptionist: — Would you like breakfast?
Mr. Aiyub: — …
Receptionist: — It´s eighty-four euros per night excluding VAT.
Mr. Aiyub: — …
Receptionist: — Who´s the booking form, please, madam?
Mr. Aiyub: — …
Receptionist: — Okay, let me make sure I got that: Mr. and Mrs. Ryefield. Double with bath for March the 23rd, 24th, and 25th. Is that correct?
Mr. Aiyub: — …
Receptionist: — Let me give you your confirmation number. It´s 7576385. I´ll repeat that: 7576385. Thank you for choosing San Felice Hotel and have a nice day. Goodbye.
Mr. Aiyub: — …

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