Simple English Conversation Dialogues in Real Life

Hey, Guys today we are discussing English Conversations in real life. Follow Simple English Conversation Dialogues in Real Life’s full post here. English Conversation is the most valuable in modern life. Becouse English is an international language worldwide.

How do I talk to my friend?
If you’re having a friendly conversation, recall personal details about your friend and ask them about themselves. If you’re talking about something serious, offer your support and help. No matter what, practice active listening and let your friend know you’re there for them.

I have put together a friendly guide to English conversation for beginners filled with useful, basic phrases from greetings and small talk to saying goodbye that’ll take you on your first conversation adventure.

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Simple English Conversation Dialogues

If you need a push to start having conversations in English, read the some of ideas below for motivation. It may be an informal conversation with any person or an acquaintance. You may use a more formal dialogue when having an English conversation with a colleague, a teacher, a stranger, or a government employee.

In fact, getting comfortable speaking with strangers is a great way to boost your speaking skills and confidence level in English. However, it’s important to note that there are a few different ways in which English speakers will spark up a conversation with a stranger.

(A universal greeting that works for every conversation.)
(A neutral and friendly greeting.)
(An informal and relaxed greeting.)
(This is quite formal and rare these days, but could be used humorously among friends.)
(A casual greeting that’s not commonly used, but can add some flavor to your English.)

Easy Dialogues In English For Beginners

Mr. Akash: Hello! Aiyub. How are you?

Aiyub: I’m fine and you.

Mr. Akash: Fine. Where are you going now?

Aiyub: I am going to market.

Mr. Akash: Oh! Good.

Aiyub: Ok. See you later then.

Mr. Akash: Ok Bye.

Formal greetings
For a more formal way to greet someone, use the model “good + [time of day]”:

Good morning!
(Reserved for any time before noon.)
Good afternoon!
(Typically used between noon and 5-6 p.m.)
Good evening!
(Any time after 6 p.m.)

There are several ways to ask someone how they’re doing:

How are you? / How are you doing?
How’s it going?
(More informal.)
How are things?
What’s up?
(Very informal.)

Dialogue about how to go to school tomorrow.

Mr. Akash: Hello! Aiyub. How are you?

Aiyub: I’m fine and you.

Mr. Akash: Fine. How will you go to school tomorrow?

Aiyub: I am going to Buss.

Mr. Akash: Oh! Good.

Aiyub: Ok. See you later than School time.

Mr. Akash: Ok Bye.

Dialogue Conversation Between Teacher and Student

Teacher: Hi, how are you doing?

Student: I’m good. How are you?

Teacher: I’m good, too. Did you do your homework?

Student: Yeah, I did it.

Teacher: OK, good. Let’s get started then.

Conversation Between Teacher and Student About Homework

Teacher: Hi, how are you doing?

Student: I’m good. How are you?

Teacher: I’m good. Did you do your homework?

Student: Yes, I did.

Teacher: Good job! Now, let’s move on to the next lesson.

Simple English Conversation with two friends

Aiyub: How’s it going?

Mr. Akash: I’m doing well. How about you?

Aiyub: Never better, thanks.

Mr. Akash: So how have you been lately?

Aiyub: I’ve actually been pretty good. You?

Mr. Akash: I’m actually in school right now.

Aiyub: Which school do you attend?

Mr. Akash: I’m attending PCC right now.

Aiyub: Are you enjoying it there?

Mr. Akash: It’s not bad. There are a lot of people there.

Aiyub: Good luck with that.

Mr. Akash: Thanks.

English Conversation between Ayub and Mr. Akash

Mr. Akash: Hi. Aiyub.

Md. Aiyub: Mr. Akash. Good to meet you!

Mr. Akash: Did you just arrive here?

Md. Aiyub: Yeah, We arrived last week.

Mr. Akash: How do you like it?

Md. Aiyub: It’s exciting! It’s much busier than the last city we lived in. I was working in Seattle for the last 3 years.

Mr. Akash: It really is very busy. I moved here from Tokyo 5 years ago and I still have trouble sometimes. Did you move here with your wife?

Md. Aiyub: Actually, I’m not married. I moved here with my dog, Charles. We are very close.

Mr. Akash: Oh. I see.

Md. Aiyub: What about you?

Mr. Akash: Yes, I am married and I have two children.

Md. Aiyub: How old are they?
Mr. Akash: 6 and 8 years old

Md. Aiyub: Oh, great. That age is a lot of fun.

Mr. Akash: But it is exhausting.

Md. Aiyub: I understand. My brother has kids the same age. Every time we visit he falls asleep on the sofa.

Mr. Akash: Must be nice. We don’t have time to sleep, we have to drink a lot of coffee.

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