Al-Waleed bin Talal Al Saud biography, Wife, age, hight, weight

Waleed to al-Waleed bin Talal Al Saud biography and more Wife, age, hight, weight (Arabic: الوليد بن طلال بن عبد العزيز آل سعود‎,), born on March 7, 1955, is commonly known as Prince Walid, a member of the Saudi royal family ( Not in the sequence of succession), entrepreneur and investor, known as the Arab ” Warren Buffett “, and has the title of “Middle East Stock God”.
Prince Walid is the son of the 21st prince of Saudi Arabia’s founding monarch. His father was a former Saudi ambassador to France, and his mother was the daughter of the first prime minister of modern Lebanon.
His most famous investment case was the massive purchase of Citibank stock in the 1980s, and his unique vision also made him the largest individual shareholder of Citibank. Alwaleed is Citigroup’s largest individual shareholder and News Corp.’s second largest investor, and his stake in companies includes a series of internationally renowned companies.
In March 2011, Alwaleed was ranked 26th on the Forbes Global Rich List with a net worth of $19.4 billion. He was also listed by Forbes as the richest Saudi Arabian in the world. [2]
But Alwaleed then took Forbes to court, saying the veteran wealth publication underestimated his financial resources. On June 16, 2015, the two parties reached a settlement.
al-waleed bin talal al saud net worth $39.8 billion
Saudi King Salman announced on the evening of the 4th that he would establish a Supreme Anti-Corruption Commission chaired by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. That night, 11 princes, 38 current and former ministers were arrested for corruption. Among the 11 princes arrested for corruption on the 4th, including Saudi Arabia’s late King Abdullah’s son, former National Guard commander Mittah Bu He is known as the ” richest man in the Middle East ” and other heavyweight princes such as Alwaleed.

al-Waleed bin Talal’s biography

Bornin Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Birth NameAl-Waleed Bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al Saud
Height5′ 6″ (1.68 m)



Prince Alwaleed bin Talal was born on March 7, 1955 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He is known for Vegan 2020 (2020), Vegan 2018 (2018) and On the Money (1992).

Family Member

SpouseAmeera al-Taweel (2008 – 2013)  (divorced)
Dalal bint Saud bin Abdulaziz (? – ?)  (divorced)  (2 children)
Eman bint Naser bin Abdullah al Sudairi (? – ?)  (divorced)
ParentsTalal bin Abdul Aziz
RelativesKing Ibn Saud (grandparent)
Riad Al Sulh (grandparent)
King Fahd (aunt or uncle)
Mohammad Bin Salman (cousin)

al Waleed bin Talal wife Ameera al-taweel biography

Age: 38 Years, 38-Year-Old Females


Spouse/Ex-: Al-Waleed Bin Talal (M. 2008–2013)

Father: Aidan Bin Nayef Al-Taweel

Children: Reem Bint Al-Waleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

Philanthropists Saudi Arabian Women

City: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

character experience of al-Waleed bin Talal Al Saud

Saudi Arabia’s richest man, Walid bin Talal Al Saud, was born in Riyadh , the capital of Saudi Arabia, in 1955. He obtained a master’s degree in the United States in 1985 and a degree in economics and management in the United States in 1989. Walid bin Talal al-Saud is the son of the 21st prince of the founding monarch of Saudi Arabia. His father was a former Saudi ambassador to France, and his mother was Riad, the first prime minister of modern Lebanon and leader of the Lebanese independence movement. Daughter of Solekh.
When Walid bin Talal al-Saud was 5 years old, his father was exiled to Egypt after falling out with the Saudi king and other members of the royal family because of his sympathy for Nasser , who would become Egypt’s president. There, he lived a hard life with his father and family. Later, Wallit and his father were allowed to return to Saudi Arabia, but since then he has learned that his father and his descendants have forever lost access to Saudi Arabia’s upper echelons of politics.

al-Waleed bin Talal busness

Waleed has been studying at the military academy. In 1972, at the age of 15, Walid left his hometown for an undergraduate degree at Monroe College in San Francisco. In 1976, at the age of 19, Walid came to Syracuse University in the United States to study for a master’s degree in business administration. He returned to China three years later and started a business with the US$15,000 provided by his father. With the capital accumulated in his hands, he established several companies one after another, and established joint ventures with foreign companies in Saudi Arabia, starting a trade agency and contracting business.
A year later, the Iran-Iraq war began, triggering the second oil crisis. Oil prices have skyrocketed, Saudi Arabia’s oil revenue has surged, the government has invested large sums of money in infrastructure, and Saudi land prices have risen 80 times before and after. The market opportunity can be described as a once-in-a-lifetime, and Waleed immediately established Kingdom Construction Company to expand his commercial tentacles into the real estate industry.
Contribution of al-Waleed bin Talal
In 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait, again detonating tensions in the Middle East. The Saudis, fearing that the war would spill over into their own country, sold land in droves. At the time, land prices in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, fell by two-thirds. Al-Walid bucked the trend and acquired land on a large scale, becoming Riyadh’s largest individual “landlord” during the war crisis. After the war, Waleed began to sell the land, with an average yield of 400%, and Waleed made a lot of money.