Your Turn To Die -Death Game By Majority- Chapter Two: Part One Negotiations Guide

In Your Turn To Die -Death Game By Majority- Chapter Two: Part One, players can earn tokens through conversations with Keiji, Gin, Alice, Nao, Reko, Q-taro, Sou, Kanna, Kai, Joe, and Mishima. Alice also offers a sidequest for 20 Reko tokens. The Stay on Target attraction determines Reko’s token rewards, and Rio Ranger offers an extra scene for collecting 10 clear chips. Q-taro leads a game for 40 Q-taro tokens. Bookmark the page for regular updates.

Day 1, Morning:

Keiji gained 20 Keiji tokens but lost 20 Sara tokens. Gin gained 10 Gin tokens. Alice mentioned that starting a sidequest was possible in exchange for 20 Reko tokens.

Day 1, Noon:

Kanna had a conversation. Nao and Reko could receive 20 tokens for Reko, 20 tokens for Nao, or 20 tokens for Sara.

Day 1, Night:

Q-taro received 20 Q-taro tokens but lost 20 Sara tokens. Reko had a conversation. Gin could receive 30 Gin tokens or no tokens.

Day 2, Morning:

Sou and Kanna had a conversation. Nao had a conversation. Alice awarded the player with 20 Reko tokens for talking to her during Day 1 morning.

Day 2, Noon:

Q-taro had a conversation. Nao gained 30 Nao tokens but lost 30 Sara tokens. Reko gave out 30 Reko tokens but took away 30 Sara tokens from players who did not participate in the Stay on Target attraction. Those who did participate could not bargain with her.

Day 2, Night:

Keiji had a conversation. Gin gained 20 Gin tokens.

Day 3, Morning:

Q-taro was the lead in a game, offering players 40 Q-taro tokens but taking away 20 Sara tokens.

Day 3, Noon:

Kai, Joe, and Mishima each gave out 20 hallucination tokens.

Day 3, Night:

Players who could not collect 10 clear chips could unlock an additional scene with Rio Ranger.

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