Wo Long: How to Fix Fallen Dynasty a Black Screen?

Now today i will discuss How to Fix Fallen Dynasty a Black Screen?, if you read carefully Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, has been released and players may encounter a frustrating issue of a black screen during the opening cut-scene or other moments in-game. Looking for the ultimate solution to this problem.

This is the right our website provides a complete guide to Wo Long: How to Fix Fallen Dynasty a Black Screen.

How to Fix Fallen Dynasty a Black Screen?

Artist goes below the Download the VP9 video codec Download link and downloads here.

If you are unable to access the Microsoft Store app, use the second link.

Make sure the appropriate version for your system, which may be x64 or x86.

How to Install the VP9 video codec

If you have downloaded the. Appx package directly, follow the instructions below:

  1. Then you should go to the  ‘new Windows Settings’ menu by typing ‘Settings’ (App) in the ‘Windows Start Menu’ and selecting ‘Update & Security’ -> ‘For Developers’.

  1. Enable ‘Developer Mode’ or ‘Sideload apps’ by selecting the relevant option and clicking ‘Yes’ when prompted.

*It is recommended to disable this feature after installing the VP9 codec.

  1. Open ‘Windows PowerShell’ or ‘Windows PowerShell ISE’ as an administrator.
  2. Right-click on the downloaded.Appx file and select ‘Properties’ -> ‘Security tab’.
  3. Copy the entire file path displayed on the right of the label ‘Object name:’ and paste it into ‘Windows PowerShell’ or ‘Windows PowerShell ISE’.

Hit ‘Enter’.

Step 3: Launch the game and verify if the ‘New Game’ cutscene plays back properly.

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