Weed Shop 3 – How to Setup Auto smoke joints/bongs on Steam Deck

Welcome to this post, where we provide you with a comprehensive guide on setting up the auto smoke joints/bongs feature on Steam Deck. Our aim is to help you eliminate the need to press a button each time you light up, making your gaming experience more seamless and enjoyable.

How to set up controls

To set up this feature, you need to have the right trigger down. set it up on one of my Steam Deck’s back buttons. 

the options, click on the gear icon and change from a regular press to a long press. 

scroll down to find the “Toggle” option and turn it on. 

This will hold down the trigger and keep it in place. However, if the button is set as an extended press, you will need to hold it down for a moment for it to activate.

It is essential to note that this feature may interfere with other in-game actions that require the trigger button. do not hesitate to contact me.

we hope that this guide has been helpful in setting up the auto smoke joints/bongs feature on your Steam Deck. Now, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the game while achieving your smoking goals effortlessly. Thank you for reading.

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