ULTRAKILL – P2 P Rank Tips and Tricks

In this guide, we will explore the ULTRAKILL – P2 P Rank Tips and Tricks in detail and offer you all the insights you need to achieve the P2 rank in the game.

To reach the P2 rank, you must meet the following requirements:

Time: 10:20

Kills: 60

Score: 36000

To avoid getting an S rank in Sisy arena, try to be stylish in most encounters. The score should be at least 32000-333000.

Here is the final P rank score I achieved using coin spam and railgun to fight Sisy. My style before the encounter was approximately 33000.

ULTRAKILL – P2 P Rank Tips and Tricks 

Guide to Encounters


A good place to start is to use the new rocket launcher with the mal cannon to do significant damage to most Cerbs. You can then use saws, the rocket launcher, or the p boost to get rid of them.

You might leave a Cerb in its place to have a quick med*kit for Ferry. However, he may become angry and try to kill you. Keep the virtues alive until all Cerbs are dead.

The ferry is annoyingly fast, but he will get really close to you using alt revolver charges shots, saws, and close shotgun blasts alongside rail.

Leaving the area with both virtues on blue forms is a good way to know if you did well.


Keep your eyes on the sentries first. Rail + shotgun/nailgun/red-fist should kill them quickly. If you know that a shot is coming, you can still stop it.

The hallway should also be cleaned using the mindflayer a*sistance, alt piercer charges shots, and saws.


The Mindflayers AI “resets” when you hit the checkpoint. This means that you will have the homing ball attack guaranteed. A good place to start is to go towards the sentry and do damage, then slide back to the entrance. If done correctly, the swordmachines will align with the homing proyectiles and you can do easy parries to cause ma*sive damage.

The Midnflayers may desync immediately after this. It is recommended to spam your knuckleblaster blast in an effort to keep the proyectiles away.

Keep your eyes on the virtues of the second wave. A charged shotgun blast can kill or parry the virtue if it charges the beam while you are charging it. Learn the timings to dispose of them quickly.

Mal faces can hit you hard while you are airborne moving in circles. Do your best to keep your airbones strong and to heal them.

After they have all died, run towards the idols. I recommend killing both of them and then focusing on one flayer at a time. If necessary, remember that the screwdriver heals and prevents one’s teleporting. This makes it a lot more predictable.


Cannon balls stun big boys.

Keep them lit on fire to prevent further damage and healing.

Nail and saw traps are great here.

P boosting can be very beneficial for increasing score and damage.


Be aware of the walls. This area is designed to make enemies push you into them, teleport you, and then make you lose your mind.

My preferred strategy is to start on the left with a rail shot that kills the virtue and then pierces the Maurice. You will need to slash the virtue knockback, so keep your feet on the ground.

Do not ignore the sentry; you can push it into the void to insta-kill it.

For the second hallway, I like

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