Today gold price in Bangladesh Per Vori 2023 – বাংলাদেশে সোনার দাম প্রতি ভরি

Bangladesh Jewelers Samity (BAJUS) সোনার দাম আজ কত ২০২৩ বাংলাদেশ posted the 18k, 12k, 22k, 24k Today gold price in Bangladesh Per Vori 2023. Now people are want to gold price in Bangladesh in 2023. gold price in bd every day update at Gold is one of the most valuable resources of human beings. Gold has been in circulation since ancient times. The Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BAJUS) has decided to reduce the price of gold in a press release on 5 January 2023.

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সোনার দাম প্রতি ভরি কত ১৮ ক্যারেট, ২১ ক্যারেট,২২ ক্যারেট ২০২৩

Are you searchin for 1 Vori Sonar Dam. Today new rate posted my webiste. you also search in google. Since it is connected to the total reserve of gold in the international market, gold prices can go up and down depending on the stock in the market.

The gold is also different qualities for you like as 22 cardt, 21 cradt, and 18 cardt.I have share also recent idea of gold price in Bangladesh and keep in mind that prices can change over time. Let’s get started.

gold price

Product Description Price
22 KARAT Gold


8,470 BDT/GRAM
21 KARAT Gold


8,085 BDT/GRAM
18 KARAT Gold


6,930 BDT/GRAM


5,770 BDT/GRAM

silver price

Product Description Price
22 KARAT Silver


21 KARAT Silver


18 KARAT Silver





As of today, March 18th, 2023, the price of gold in Bangladesh is as follows:

  • 1 Vori of 18K gold is priced at ৳ 68,785.09 BDT
  • 1 Vori of 19K gold is priced at ৳ 72,425.03 BDT
  • 1 Vori of 21K gold is priced at ৳ 79,704.91 BDT
  • 1 Vori of 22K gold is priced at ৳ 83,344.86 BDT
  • 1 Vori of 24K gold is priced at ৳ 90,624.74 BDT

Especially those with a limited budget, to afford gold jewelry. it is worth noting that the price of gold has fluctuated over time, the price is lower than it is currently.

Today gold price in Bangladesh Per Vori 2023

Because the price of gold is increasing day by day. Ordinary people can’t even imagine buying gold. Because the price of gold is increasing above taka 2,000 per gram. This is the right time for you buy your gold in local marcet.

The main objective of the Bangladesh Jewelers Association is to ensure customer service, patronize the domestic gold industry and protect the interests of jewelry traders, showcase the heritage of this country’s jewelry industry to the world court, and lead the jewelry business in the world market. Bangladeshi juliary somity will declare the gold price in bangladesh. Even during the Corona period, the price of gold is increasing at a higher rate per gram.

Let’s know some more detailed information about all types of gold. However, middle-class people are shocked to hear about the price of gold because one of the components of their savings is slowly closing down. Day by day gold price will increasing.

gold price in Bangladesh – সোনার দাম কাল থেকে প্রতি ভরি

We want to know the current price of gold from different mediums every day. Because when the price of gold goes down, we buy gold knowing the opportunity. Besides, the price of gold has also gone up in the domestic bullion / Poddar market due to low supply against demand. So, considering the situation, it has been decided to increase the price of gold.

What is the market price of gold today? Or what is the price of gold today? I was anxious to know. Dealers are not able to import gold bars due to customs complexities (material tax rebates) and various bureaucratic complications at the import stage.

However, today’s gold price 2023 is much more different than today’s gold price 2023. “Gold prices have risen in the world market during the Corona period,” the statement said. At the same time flights on international routes remain closed.

gold price in bd – আজকের সোনার দাম ২০২৩ বাংলাদেশ

We not only know today’s market price of gold or today’s gold rate but also the price of silver. Because with today’s gold price, today’s silver price starts to fluctuate. In all countries of the world, more gold is probably used at weddings.

Gold is also used in various festivals or to show love to the people you love. So we don’t know the price of gold and silver every day. Knowing the price of gold as well as not knowing about the measurement of gold.

current gold price in Bangladesh per vori

Gold prices have risen further in the last two weeks in Bangladesh’s gold market. The price of gold has increased by about 2,014 Taka per ounce. Today Gold Price in Bangladesh or the current price of gold. So let’s get started. The Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BAJUS) has informed us to increase the price of gold again.

Today the price of silver is rising along with the price of gold. Today we will discuss the price of gold today 2023 Bangladesh.

22k gold price in Bangladesh today

You know that 22 Karat GOLD Per Gram 7780 taka. 90745.92 taka 22 cadet gold price in Bangladesh this is the most attractive goldern price per vote ২২ ক্যারেটের স্বর্ণের দাম হচ্ছে ৭৭৮০ টাকা. When we buy gold or know the price of gold, we know the price of gold according to the carat of gold. 22-carat gold contains about 91.60 percent pure gold.

The price of gold is determined based on the carat of this gold. Gold is available in many types of carats. Most of us usually want to buy 22-carat gold. Because this gold is mostly pure. The best and most beautiful of all the gold that can be used by the public is 22-carat gold. One of them is .24 carat, 22 carats, 21 carats, and 18 carats. However, Bengalis are better known as Bhari. However, carats are no longer heavy.

See 22k gold price in Bangladesh today

 Although there are many alloys inside this 22-carat gold, it is still relatively good. The rest i.e. 6.33% is copper. This means that 100 grams of 22-carat gold jewelry will contain 91.80 grams of gold and 7.33 grams of copper.

21k gold price in Bangladesh today – ২১ ক্যারেটের স্বর্ণের দাম

21 Karat GOLD Per Gram 7425 taka ২১ ক্যারেটের স্বর্ণের দাম হচ্ছে ৭৪২৫ টাকা। 21-carat gold is medium quality gold. There are not many alloys in this gold and its price is in the middle. The difference between 22 carats and 21-carat gold is not much. Note that the price of this 21-carat gold has been added as the latest price. Prices may be lower or higher in your area. 21-carat gold contains 7.5 percent pure gold.

21-carat gold price in Bangladesh today per vori 2023

The remaining 12.5% ​​is bass. And here copper is the base. For those who want to buy 21-carat gold, my request is to increase the budget a little and buy 22-carat gold. This is your benefit. You know the price of 21-carat gold today. This calculation means that if you buy 100 grams of 21-carat gold, you will get 7.5 grams of pure gold. And you will get 12.5 grams of copper.

 18k gold price in bd today 2023

18 Karat GOLD Per Gram 6365 taka-১৮ ক্যারেটের স্বর্ণের দাম হচ্ছে ৬৩৬৫ টাকা। We can call this 18-carat gold the gold of the poor because of the rate at which the price of gold is rising. Because the price of this gold is relatively low. Because 24 carats, 21 carats, and 22-carat gold are good but there is much higher, which amazes the people of middle-class families. However, their savings do not fulfill their dreams, but they fulfill their dreams.

18-carat gold price in Bangladesh today per vori 2023

18-carat gold plays a key role in fulfilling their dreams. Honestly, middle-class people like us want to buy gold. Since the price of gold is rising in our country lately, people like us who have a low budget can buy this 18-carat gold. All people in middle-class families have a dream to buy gold.

They save their money all year round to fulfill this dream. 18-carat gold is the lowest level of gold. And this 18-carat gold contains 60% pure gold and 30% copper and other metals.

This means that if you buy 100 grams of gold, you will get 80 grams of pure gold and 30 grams of alloy i.e. copper and other metals.

1 vori gold price in bangladesh 2023 – ১ ভরি সোনার দাম কত

This is the original today’s 1 (one) vote gold price in Bangladesh Taka (Tk) in 2023. now you can more update on my website So we know the price as the weight of all types of carat gold. Below is the price of gold for all types of carat gold. Usually, 1 vori refers to 11.664 grams of gold as per the Bangladesh Jewelers Samity. Every people of Bangladesh are want to see goldern pricer today.

The carats of gold that are available are full of all kinds of carats. Prices are converted to carat calculations. So, the price of the best quality gold 22k (carat) 1 vori is 90745.92 Tk in Bangladesh today. Today 21k 1 vori (short) gold price in Bangladesh is 86,605.02 taka while the traditional price of 18K carat is 74,241.36 Tk. Therefore the 1 short gold price in Bangladesh today that you can check.

Thanks for staying with us to get more updates on my website to update the price of Bangladesh Jewelers Samity silver price in Bangladesh. To get trusted the Bangladesh Jewelers Samity is the main site to provide real gold prices today in Bangladesh.

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