The Pale Beyond – Viscount & Appertton Endings Guide

 In this guide, we will provide you with all the necessary details about The Pale Beyond’s Viscount and Appertton Endings. If you need the The Pale Beyond – Viscount & Appertton Endings Guide, follow the step by step our guide. Keep in mind that some accomplishments can only be attained using the Viscount ending, but it is also the simplest.

Please note that these achievements will unlock at the end of a playthrough, after you complete the epilogue and the final cutscene where you write in your journal for the last time.

Endings (Part 1 – Viscount Endings)

Most of these accomplishments are connected to the Viscount conclusion (enter the mountain cave in Act 5 and find the Viscount).


B9BD680 A Commitment Kept

Forego rescue to complete the mission. Don’t look for rescue outside the mountain cave on Week 39. Enter the cave and find the Viscount. I got this by sailing it back; I’m not sure if you can still get this if you choose to burn it instead.

1E3E452 Envoyage

Send out an envoy for rescue. Find the Viscount in the mountain cave and win the vote. You will have a choice of what to do with the Viscount Tree – either sail it back, burn it, or send an envoy to come rescue you. Send an envoy to come rescue you to unlock this achievement.

A24578C A Fruitless Endeavour

Survive the ice, unstained. Enter the mountain cave to find the Viscount, but don’t eat the fruit when Hunt offers it to you. I recommend doing this before eating the fruit; otherwise, you may need a brand new run for this achievement.

4ED6B63 Awareness

Become stained with awareness. Find the Viscount in the mountain cave, and eat the fruit when Hunt offers it to you. This will allow you to access previously “locked” weeks and branch out in more directions. It will also allow you to convince Hunt of an “alternative path”, which is necessary for the “Worth his Salt” achievement (see description for this achievement in the next section).

C17A0B9 Captain Shaw

Win the vote at the Viscount and survive. Win the vote at the Viscount (not the vote on week 4) to officially become Captain. You will need to have the loyalty of at least half the surviving crew for this, visit the Loyalty section of the guide for how to manage this.

An Ernest Attempt

Survive the ice with all crew alive. Make sure nobody dies or abandons your crew. Loyalty doesn’t matter for this achievement. This goes for the specialists/leaders, AND the individual crew; you must have a fully intact crew by the time you reach the Viscount. The achievement will unlock at the end of the playthrough. You should also get this by default if you get “Bonded”.

Some difficulties you may encounter while getting this achievement are:

– Manage your rations well and make sure nobody has their symptoms worsen from frostbite or scurvy. You can alternate low rations/normal rations each week to save on resources and ensure nobody gets too sick.

– You must protect one of Kurt’s scouts from the leopard seal at the end of Act 1. I recommend using the Bolt-Action Rifle; the Revolver doesn’t do enough damage, and the Shotgun takes too long to reload. Shoot the seal as soon as you see it; you have to reload once, and the 2nd shot should kill it.

– Dr Arthur Nutlee will try to leave in Act 3 (approx Week 30) during the winter. Keep his loyalty high by encouraging him, reassuring him

Achieving Success in the Appertton Endings of The Pale Beyond

Endings (Part 2 – Appertton Endings)

In The Pale Beyond, obtaining certain achievements is largely related to the Appertton ending. Although some achievements can be unlocked in other ways, the Appertton ending provides the easiest route for unlocking them.

Please note that these achievements can only be unlocked at the end of a playthrough, after completing the epilogue and the final cutscene, and writing the last entry in your journal.

Below are the details for some of the achievements:

A Quest Abandoned – Abandon the mission and seek rescue.

At the top of the mountain in Act V-Week 39, Templeton will ask you to continue the mission and search inside the mountain cave. To unlock this achievement, ignore the mountain cave and instead seek rescue on the shore. This achievement is compatible with the “Beneficial”, “Detained”, “Deplorable”, and “Comeuppance” achievements.

Worth his Salt – Offer Hunt an alternative and see it through.

To achieve this, eat the fruit Hunt offers you and gain awareness. Then, rewind to the week before and find a save point where most of your crew is alive and loyal. When you meet Hunt again, be nice to him, and select the dialog option with the fruit icon that says, “there’s another way” or “there’s an alternative path.

” Hunt will cautiously agree, but isn’t convinced. Rewind to the week before, and instead of finding the Viscount, choose to search for rescue.

When you meet Appertton, choose the new option with the fruit icon again, “Hunt went down with the ship”. Select this option and win the vote to unlock the achievement.

Beneficial – Survive the ice with Minerva’s support.

To achieve this, convince Minerva Appertton that you are a proficient Captain who did the best you could. Abandon the quest to find the Viscount in Act 5, and seek rescue instead. Ensure that your crew is loyal, especially Templeton, as he is essential for this ending. Follow the story to meet Minerva Appertton on the rescue ship eventually.

Tell her that you prioritized your crew over her mission and that it’s ridiculous that she wants to arrest you. If Templeton is loyal, he will vouch for you. Appertton will ask the rest of the crew to vote, and also check your research.

If the majority of the crew votes in your favor, she will decide not to arrest you after all. Every 10 points of research you’ve collected will also add +1 vote in your favor. For instance, 26 research counts as +20 research, which gives you +2 votes. Win this vote and sail home as a free person.

Detained – Survive the ice as Minerva’s prisoner.

Same as the previous achievement, but fail to convince Minerva that you are a proficient Captain. Tell her that you intentionally abandoned the mission, ensure that Templeton is disloyal, and have less than 10 research. At least some of your crew must be loyal, while most of them are disloyal. However, not all of your crew must be disloyal, or you will get marooned. The final tally must be in your favor for you to unlock the achievement.

Deplorable – The worst fates.

To achieve this, kill off as many people as possible. You can refer to the description for “An Ernest Attempt” in the previous section for more details. However, do the opposite of that achievement for this one. We recommend disabling Decorum Game Overs in the settings.

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