The Pale Beyond – Story Achievements Guide

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Story Achievements

Story Achievements are easily obtainable as long as you progress through the playthrough without having a mutiny or losing all your crew. Some of the achievements may not unlock at the exact point mentioned in the guide. Don’t worry, though, as they will unlock as you progress, and in some cases, together at the end of the playthrough. For instance, my first run had Acts 3, 4, and 5 achievements unlocked simultaneously at the end.

Please note that some of the week numbers may vary slightly, depending on when you unlock them during the playthrough. If you believe there is a more accurate number, kindly let us know in the comments section.

Here are the Story Achievements you can expect to unlock:

ADD9640 Prologue

This achievement is story-related and unmissable, unlocking after the first vote in Week 4.

305E0DA Act I

Another story-related and unmissable achievement, it unlocks after the encounter with the leopard seal, around Week 12.


This achievement unlocks after meeting the penguin colony, approximately in Week 16, and is story-related and unmissable.

AE352F8 Act III

After surviving the winter, this story-related and unmissable achievement unlocks around Week 36.

C0B7492 Act IV

This achievement unlocks after climbing the mountain and is story-related and unmissable, around Week 39.

BA5C58C Act V

Lastly, this achievement unlocks after the second vote, around Week 40-42, and is also story-related and unmissable.

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