The Pale Beyond – How to modify your save file to enhance your gaming experience

Welcome to our post guide on how to modify your game save in The Pale Beyond. We hope you find this guide helpful in enhancing your gaming experience. Our website provide you the complete guide.

Prep Work

To begin, make sure you know the location of your save file, which can be found at: C:\Users<your username>\AppData\LocalLow\BellularStudios\The Pale Beyond. Ensure that you are modifying the latest or second to latest save file and always create a backup of your game before editing.


If you want to increase loyalty for crew members like Templeton, use the Ctrl+F function to find strings like “\”LOYALTY_Templeton\”” in the text editor. For items, search for strings like “\”Item_Fish_Owned\”” or “\”Item_”. The variables are named in a self-explanatory manner, so changing the numbers is simple.

If you want to cheat the game by giving yourself more resources, search for strings like RESOURCE_FOOD, RESOURCE_FUEL, RESOURCE_DECORUM, RESOURCE_FUEL_MAX, and RESOURCE_FOOD_MAX, and replace the value with a large number like 9999. This will ensure that you never run out of resources and can focus on the narrative storyline.

If you want to kill off certain crew members, search for the following string in the save file: Facts\”:{\”list\”:{ and add the dead state to the right of it: /”sharedFacts.dead/”:2. This will eliminate the selected character without having to follow their story path.

That concludes our guide on how to modify your game save in The Pale Beyond. We hope these tips have helped you enhance your gaming experience.

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