The Pale Beyond – Gameplay Tasks Achievements Guide

Let us chack The Pale Beyond – Gameplay Tasks Achievements Guide. We hope that this material will be beneficial for you to achieve the gameplay tasks and complete the game with all the achievements. I hope you will get The Pale Beyond – Gameplay Tasks Achievements Guide, so, keep stay with us.

During gameplay, achievements can be obtained by making specific choices or completing particular tasks. These achievements are organized roughly in chronological order, within a playthrough.

Below is a list of the gameplay tasks and how to achieve them:

Bring the Stowaway there and back again.

  1. In the Prologue, your crew will find a young boy nicknamed “Runt”. Let him stay and keep him alive for the entire playthrough. To obtain this achievement, you also need to win the vote, either at the Viscount or with Appertton, so that you can actually bring him back.

Short Staffed

  1. Survive the ice without bringing Runt and their father. To obtain this achievement, refuse to let Runt stay and also choose to dismiss his father from the expedition, and finish a playthrough.

Down with the Ship

  1. Fail to evacuate the Temperance by Week 8 and sink below the ice. This will also end your current run.

First Encounters

  1. Meet all crew members in the prologue. Be judicious about checking for conversation or interactable icons before advancing the story for the first 4 weeks. The easiest crew to miss are the scientists and the scouts.

Isaac’s Gun

  1. Let the scientist keep his weapon. When taking requests in Week 6, you will meet the scientist Isaac and Templeton will inform you that he has a gun. Let him keep his revolver for the achievement.

The Ice Doesn’t Care You’re Here

  1. Get your first crew member killed. There are several story events for this, such as the leopard seal killing Kurt’s scout at the end of Act 1 or letting Dr. Arthur leave during the winter in Act 3.

The Importance of Maintaining Decorum

  1. Succumb to the ice. Go below 0 decorum and end the week, causing your crew to mutiny. Ensure that the “Disable Decorum Game Overs” option in the settings is unchecked.
Sound Decision
  1. Smash the carpenter’s accordion. Templeton will inform you on Week 12 or 13 that Grimley is playing mutiny-encouraging songs that mock your leadership. After you eat dinner, you will hear the song yourself. Simply smash Grimley’s accordion for the achievement.

Within Earshot

  1. Lose an ear. Follow Cordell up the mountain in Act 4, Week 38 when Hammond wakes you and tells you she has run away. Challenge her to a duel and then…

We hope that this guide has been helpful in achieving all the gameplay tasks and earning all the achievements in The Pale Beyond. Enjoy playing the game!

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