Storyteller – Achievements: How to Unlock

This guide, titled “Storyteller Achievements: How to Unlock Guide,” was crafted to be of utmost usefulness to you, and it is our sincerest hope that it fulfills that purpose. Without further ado, here is the complete guide to all Storyteller achievements.

Werther (Goethe).

Chapter 4/Story 1: Poison

  • Choose either Bernard or Edgar to fall for Lenora.
  • Lenora should be confronted by the opposite male.
  • Let the poison take effect on the man.

Romeo & Juliet

Chapter 4/Story 2: Tragedy

  • Edgar and Lenora fall deeply in love.
  • Edgar/Lenora mourn for their partner’s tragic passing.
  • Living partner drinks poison.
  • Revive the deceased partner.
  • Allow them to mourn their now-deceased partner.
  • Let your newly-revived partner have poison.

Lenora Falls Asleep

Chapter 4/Story 3: Wrath

  • Lenora wine is the perfect wine to fill the scene.
  • Now… she has passed out.

Martini Drinking

Chapter 8/Story 4: Report

  • Have the Duke and the Butler in the Ballroom.
  • The Butler grabs a gun.
  • The Duchess peeks into the painting.
  • The Duchess of Cambridge sees the Butler in the Ballroom holding the gun.
  • The Butler puts the gun in its place.
  • He continues serving drinks to the Duchess at the Ballroom.
Mutual Ghost Fright

Chapter 5/Story 4: Inclusive

  • Hatey confronts her mirror and is rebuffed.
  • Hatey pushes Peachy off the cliff.
  • Peachy scares Hatey at the cliff.
  • They engage in a ghost fight on the cliff.
Professor Cries

Chapter 11/Story 3: Vampire

  • Dracula bites Jon or Mina.
  • Jon/Mina discovers that the Crypt has the opposite.
  • They go to the Professor and talk to him.
  • Jon/Mina returns from the crypt to kill the contrary.
  • Continues in Dracula’s Crypt.
  • The Professor is shown Mina/Jon’s remains.

All Bonus Titles

This achievement is completed when all the “dots,” which are found in the chapters, have been completed.

  • Chapter 2/Story 1 = 1
  • Chapter 4/Story 2 = 1
  • Chapter 4/Story 4 =
  • Chapter 7/Story 4 = 1
  • Chapter 8/Story 4 = 1
  • Chapter 9/Story 1 =
  • Chapter 3/Story 2 =
  • Chapter 10/Story 2 = 1
  • Chapter 11/Story 4 = 2
  • Chapter 12/Story 3 = 1
  • Chapter 12/Story 4 = 1

Afterlife Love for Knight and Queen

Chapter 9/Story 4: Misfortune

  • The Queen is kidnapped and taken by the Baron.
  • The Baron becomes the King.
  • The Baron kills Knight/Queen.
  • The Baron kills Queen/Knight.
  • The Knight and Queen fall in love.

Frogs Kissing

Chapter 5/Story 2: Deceit

  • The Witch curses Tiny/Prince.
  • The Witch curses Prince/Tiny.
  • The Forest: Tiny and the Prince Meet.
  • They share an uneasy kiss.
Maid Murders Knight

The Final Chapter/Story 4 of Love Revolution

  • The Queen discovers that the King has an affair on her behalf with the Maid.
  • The Queen kidnaps her Maid.
  • The King saves his Maid.
  • The Queen is kidnapped and taken by the King.
  • The Knight saves a

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