Stardew Valley – Tips How to Get the Stardew Valley Golden Chicken

To this article Stardew Valley – Tips How to Get the Stardew Valley Golden Chicken.  We cordially welcome you to this exquisite post, wherein we shall divulge every iota of knowledge about Stardew Valley, including the paramount subject of how to procure the illustrious Stardew Valley Golden Chicken. Our guide is meticulously crafted, and we guarantee that it will assist you in every step of the process.

Tips on How to Get the Stardew Valley Golden Chicken

Chickens, being one of the primary livestock that players can acquire in Stardew Valley, are available in white and brown hues. Nevertheless, those with a discerning eye may be able to obtain the exceedingly rare Golden Chicken, which is the subject of our discussion.

the Golden Chicken, you must construct a Big or Deluxe Coop

Firstly, to hatch the Golden Chicken, you must construct a Big or Deluxe Coop.

To do this, one must visit the Pelican Town carpenter, Robin, and select the option “Construct Farm Buildings.” Afterward, you can upgrade the Coop to a Big Coop by providing the necessary materials.

which are 10,000g, 400x Wood, and 150x Stone, or to a Deluxe Coop, which requires 20,000g, 500x Wood, and 200x Stone. Once the coop is completed, the incubator can be utilized to hatch chickens on your farm, which is a crucial step in acquiring Golden Chickens.

achieve perfection in the game

The second step in the process is to achieve perfection in the game, which involves completing various game elements.

This includes shipping one of every produce and forage item, building all four obelisks, building the Golden Clock, completing Monster Slayer Hero, befriending everyone, reaching Farmer Level 25, finding all Stardrops, cooking every recipe, creating every recipe, catching all fish, and collecting 130 Golden Walnuts. Upon completing all of these requirements, the Perfection ending and The Summit can be unlocked, and Golden Eggs, which are required to hatch Golden Chickens, can be acquired.

The third step is to obtain Golden Eggs, which can be procured in various ways, including purchasing them from Marnie for 100,000g, obtaining them from Qi’s Walnut Room for 100 Qi Gems, receiving them as a gift from the Golden Witch, or finding them in a fishing treasure chest with a 0.12% chance.

We sincerely appreciate your valuable time spent reading through our comprehensive guide on how to obtain the Stardew Valley Golden Chicken, and we hope that it has provided you with invaluable assistance in achieving your goal.

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