Stardew Valley – How to Get Blue Chicken Guide

To my article Stardew Valley – How to Get Blue Chicken Guide,  Discover everything you need to know about obtaining the elusive Blue Chicken in Stardew Valley with this expert guide. Follow these steps carefully to achieve success.

Chickens are a prized livestock in Stardew Valley, with their egg-laying abilities proving incredibly useful. While they typically come in two basic colors, brown and white, there is a rare Blue Chicken that players can acquire.

To learn how to get your hands on the coveted Stardew Valley Blue Chicken, read on.

Step 1: Construct a Coop

To start building your Blue Chicken empire, you’ll need to ensure you have a suitable place to house your feathered friends. This means constructing a chicken coop on your farm, which can be done through Robin, the Pelican Town Carpenter. Simply select “Construct Farm Buildings” and provide Robin with:

  • 4,000g
  • 200x Wood
  • 100x Stone

Once you’ve made your purchase, Robin will take two days to complete the construction of your coop.

Step 2: Befriend Shane

Shane is a villager in Stardew Valley who is passionate about chickens. However, he can be a bit difficult to get along with, given his tendency to be rude and alcoholic.

To improve your relationship with him, you’ll need to offer him items he loves, such as:

  • Pizza
  • Pepper Poppers
  • Beer
  • Hot Peppers

Your goal is to reach 8 hearts with Shane. Once you’ve accomplished this, he’ll host his 8 Heart Event, which unlocks the opportunity to acquire Blue Chickens for your coop. There are two options to achieve this.

Step 3: Purchase or Hatch Blue Chickens

There are several ways to acquire Blue Chickens, but they all require a bit of luck. Here are the two main methods:

  • Hatch Chickens: Each egg you hatch in your coop has a 25% chance of resulting in a Blue Chicken. This means you’ll need to hatch as many eggs as possible until you get one.
  • Purchase from Marnie: Marnie sells chickens, but when you buy one, you’ll be informed of its color (Blue/Brown/White) and prompted to choose a coop. If you don’t get a Blue Chicken, you can cancel your purchase and try again.

These are the only ways to acquire Blue Chickens at present. While they don’t offer any special benefits beyond their striking appearance, they’re sure to add some extra flair to your coop.

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