Stardew Valley – All Types of Chicken Detailed Information

Read this content and find the Stardew Valley – All Types of Chicken Detailed Information Greetings, and welcome to this guide on Stardew Valley chickens! In this comprehensive tutorial, we will provide detailed information about all types of chickens in the game and how to use them to create animal products.

The chicken is one of the main animals players can raise in Stardew Valley. These creatures consistently produce eggs, which players can use to breed additional chickens, sell in the market, or prepare mayonnaise.

This Stardew Valley Chickens guide explains the different kinds of chickens that can be found in the game and their functions.

White and Brown Chickens

The first group of chickens is the main/normal group, containing two types: White and Brown. These chickens can be purchased from Marnie or incubated using brown or white eggs.

When it comes to eggs, the Brown Chicken produces yellow eggs while the White Chicken produces white eggs. However, each egg is equally good or bad, and the egg color is purely cosmetic. Both eggs can be purchased for the same amount and make mayonnaise in the same way when placed in a Mayonnaise Machine.

Blue Chickens

If you find White and Brown chickens boring, there is a special Blue Chicken option available to you. Blue Chickens are unlocked when you reach 8 hearts or more with Shane. You can either purchase one from Marnie (5% chance) or incubate a brown/white chicken egg and get lucky (5% chance).

Blue Chickens are nearly identical to White and Brown Chickens, except for their blue color. These chickens still produce white/brown-colored eggs, which are available at the same prices as the regular chickens and can be used in Mayonnaise.

Apart from being unique looking, these chickens also stand out, making it easier to see them outside the coop roaming around your farm than their brown or white counterparts.

Void Chickens

Now, let’s get a little bit crazy. Void Chickens are unique in how they are obtained and what they produce. You can purchase a Void Egg from Krobus or wait for the Witch’s random event to incubate it into a Void Chicken. Once you have a Void Egg, you can incubate it for a Void Chicken.

Void Chickens can produce Void Eggs, which can be used as-is or converted into Void Mayonnaise by placing them in a Mayonnaise maker. Void Mayonnaise has a different flavor than regular Mayonnaise and is a quest item that helps the Wizard get his Magical Ink Back.

Golden Chicken

The highly sought-after Golden Chicken in Stardew Valley is a rare and valuable addition to any coop. Only players who have completed the Perfection ending, by reaching The Summit and completing all necessary tasks, will have the opportunity to acquire this laborious chicken. A Golden Egg can be obtained through various means, such as purchasing it from Marnie for 100,000g, buying it for 100 Qi Gems from Qi’s Walnut Room, or receiving it from a Golden Witch visit. There is also a slim chance of finding it in a fishing treasure chest.

Regardless of how it is obtained, a Golden Egg can be incubated to hatch a Golden Chicken. This chicken produces Golden Eggs, which are of higher value than regular eggs. Moreover, Golden Eggs can be used to make 3x Gold Quality Mayonnaise in a Mayonnaise Machine.

Moving on to egg selling prices, the table below shows the differences in base and modified sell prices for different types of Chicken Eggs, without and with a Rancher Bonus (+20%). It is noteworthy that eggs produced by different types of Chickens have different selling prices, making the Golden Egg the most profitable choice for those interested in making the most money from selling eggs.

Type Base S G I

Without Rancher Bonus

B/W 50g 62g 75g 100g

B/W (L) 95g 118g 142g 190g

Void Egg 65g 81g 97g 130g

Golden Egg 500g 625g 750g 1,000g

Type Base S G I

With Rancher Bonus (+20%)

B/W 60g 74g 90g 120g

B/W (L) 114g 142g 170g 228g

Void Egg 78g 97g 116g 156g

Golden Egg 600g 750g 900g 1,200g

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