Sons Of The Forest – How to Get All Guns in Game

Sons of the Forest features more guns than its predecessor, The Forest. While the first game had a flintlock pistol, assembling it from scattered parts was required, and it held just one shot. However, Sons of the Forest offers a pistol and shotgun that can be obtained during gameplay. As the game is in Steam Early Access, there might be more weapons to be uncovered. Nonetheless, ammunition and weapons won’t be plentiful, so it’s recommended to keep a bow and arrow as a backup.

Learn how to obtain all guns in Sons of the Forest with these helpful tips. 

The pistol is located on the raft and has a magazine size of 12 rounds. 

The revolver can be found in the bunker, with a chamber size of 6 rounds, and is available at two locations: 00E2B4D and 5531BE5. 

The flare gun’s location is unknown, and its magazine size is +1. 

The shotgun can be obtained at the Cross Gravesite and holds a magazine size of +1. 

The rifle’s location is unknown, but according to its design, it holds a clip size of +1 and may have a scope. 

Finally, little is known about the air gun’s location or clip size, marked only by the code FC9B9B8.

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