Sons Of The Forest – Hotkeys 0-9? New update weapons hotkeys

Discover the Latest Survival Enhancements in Sons of the Forest with New Hotfixes Endnight Games’ popular survival game, Sons of the Forest, has recently released a hotfix update that offers a plethora of improvements, greatly enhancing the gameplay experience. This update addresses some of the most prominent issues raised by the community, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable experience for all players. Let’s delve into the details of this update.

Streamlined Hotkey System

Perhaps the most notable feature introduced in this hotfix update is the new hotkey system designed for keyboard use. Players can now a*sign hotkeys to their inventory items by pressing any of the numerical keys from 0 to 9 while hovering over their desired item. This innovative addition eliminates the need for players to scavenge through their backpacks to find necessary items during high-pressure situations, such as being chased by cannibals. It significantly enhances the game’s usability and eases the challenges players face during the gameplay.

Improved User Interface

The Sons of the Forest hotfix update also includes minor yet valuable changes to the user interface (UI), making it more intuitive and user-friendly. Before this update, players could only close the construction manual, grab bag, and tutorial book by clicking on the screen. Now, players can utilize the Escape key to close these interfaces seamlessly. Additionally, the visibility of cutscene prompts has been enhanced, and loading screens now display extra hints, making the gameplay more informative and engaging.

Compatibility with Mods

Players who incorporate mods into their Sons of the Forest gameplay may experience some compatibility issues after the hotfix update. For instance, the debug console mod that enables players to experiment with cheats may not work correctly after the hotfix installation. If you encounter any such issues, restarting the Thunderstore mod manager should resolve the problem, restoring the game’s previous functionality.

To learn more about the hotfix update and to access the full list of changes, click on the following link to access it in a new tab.

As always, Endnight Games continues to prioritize player satisfaction and actively listens to its community’s feedback. This hotfix update is just one of many examples of their dedication to providing the ultimate survival gaming experience.

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