Sons Of The Forest – Duplicate Logs Bug Tips

In the present iteration of the Early Access version of Sons of the Forest, a curious possibility exists wherein logs can be replicated without limit. Though this behavior may superficially resemble a programming error, it could conceivably be a deliberate choice made by Endnight Games, given the existence of comparable duplication exploits in their prior creation, The Forest. Whether or not this exploit was intentionally integrated into the current release, those who have arrived here are likely interested in learning the methodology behind the infinite log duplication process.

Sons of the Forest Log Dupe Glitch Explained

Welcome to Sons Of The Forest – Duplicate Logs Bug Tips! Here’s a quick guide on how to duplicate logs in the game:

Step 1: Carefully inspect the bottom of a log until you see a white outline.

Step 2: Place the log in a suitable location.

Step 3: Walk in front of the log until you see a red line.

Step 4: Split the log in half.

Step 5: Pick up the cut part of the log and aim at the original log until a white arrow appears.

Step 6: Place the smaller log on top of the cut log.

Step 7: Take another log and place it right next to the first log.

Congratulations! Every time you pick up a log and place it on your shoulder, it will remain there, and a new log will appear in front of you.

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