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A Comprehensive Guide on Get Rare Gloves in Roblox: Potato, Obby, and Tycoon, Are you tired of using the same gloves over and over again in Roblox and want to level up with some rare ones? Look no further as we guide you through the process of obtaining the most unique gloves in the game – the Potato, Obby, and Tycoon gloves.

How to Obtain the Potato Glove

The Potato Glove is a shortened term for the Hot Potato Glove. To get it, you need to use the Reverse Glove on Bubble. But first, you must obtain the Heartbringer of Death Badge by scoring ten kills with the Reaper in the game. Moreover, you also need to get the challenging Killstreak badge by scoring 250 kills in the game.

Once you have the Reverse Glove, use it on Bubble, and a badge will appear at the bottom right of your screen, confirming that you have obtained the Potato Glove. When you slap someone with this glove, they have 15 seconds to hand it over to someone else. If they don’t, they die, and you will receive the Cult Glove, which you can use to get the Leash Glove.

How to Obtain the Obby Glove

The Obby Glove can be obtained by using the Mega Rock, which enlarges you every time you get a kill. To acquire the Obby Glove, you need to get ten kills with Mega Rock on ten different players in the same setting. But remember, you cannot use this glove on certain objects such as Kill Bricks, Spinning Kill Bricks, Large Plank, and Truss.

Once you have the Obby Glove, you can play with certain objects in the game, including Kill Bricks, Spinning Kill Bricks, Large Plank, and Truss. By jumping, you can change the piece you place, and many players enjoy using the Spinning Kill Brick to take out their opponents.

How to Obtain the Tycoon Glove

To get the Tycoon Glove, you need to be on the leaderboard of the Tycoon game. Depending on the server’s toxicity, this can be relatively easy to achieve. The game requires you to build your own tycoon and defeat other players.

In conclusion, obtaining these rare gloves requires effort and time, but the rewards are worth it. With this comprehensive guide, you can obtain these gloves and enjoy playing Roblox with a unique and rare advantage. So, what are you waiting for? Get started and acquire these rare gloves in the game!

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