Simple Wooden Bedroom Design Ideas, Pictures & Price

Simple Wooden Bedroom Design Ideas, Pictures, and Price. In the modern days, wood was the only top material that was used for the manufacture of beds. Because the wood had the most longevity of any kind of material and low-cost product. And also will always be better than buying any kind of metal bed.

Best wooden bedrooms do not suffer from any kind of corrosion or rust. so that is an added advantage over metal beds as well. Besides all of that, you can choose to buy any kind of wooden designs you want as well, be it contemporary or modern wooden bed designs. This article guide will help you go through each of them.

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A wooden bedroom is an epitome of an earthy interior of home decor. And it’s no less earthy when the design is modern times. We’ve always been fascinated by creative wooden interiors. We strive to find recent interesting ideas every day. But finding out how creative some architects can be is even more fascinating than the wood itself.

There are several types and styles of wooden bed designs available on online sites and in physical stores these days. The trick is to pick one that is most suitable for your needs and complements the décor style of the rest of the room too. To help you choose one wisely, here are some wooden bed designs that you should consider.

Simple Wooden Bedroom Design

A wooden bed is a kind of light wood bed that is manufactured out of nothing but only solid wood. The solid wood is then colored and polished with the respective chemicals and paints, to give a smooth touch. Normal all wood beds are very strong and durable, and can easily last a lifetime for most users out there, without any problems.

In bellow the text, I will describe some of item wooden bed ideas, design and price.

01. Wooden Bed

Size6.25*5 Feet
PriceRs 1.15 Lakhs

02. Simple Wooden Bed

Size6.25*5 Feet
PriceRs 60,000 

03 Royal Wooden Bed

Size/Dimension6.25*5 Feet
PriceRs 85,000

04. Stylish Wooden Bed

ColorWhite golden or as per customer requirements
PriceRs 1.2 Lakhs 

05. Wooden Carving Dual Bed

ColorDark Brown
PriceRs 93,999 

simple wooden bed designs pictures

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