Shadowrun: Hong Kong – Extended Edition – Basic Weapon Attributes

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Undoubtedly, you may have some questions regarding this extraordinary species. Why create a guide for a game that has been out for many years? Well, combining two of the most perilous playstyles, alongside the Physical Adept, has yielded great success. Equipping oneself appropriately and adopting a protective approach to the game can lead to the creation of a formidable build. The objective of this build is to perpetually flank enemies, utilize leyline casting to approach them, and eliminate every obstacle with finesse. With this in mind, we shall play the game with the same zeal that it was intended to have. What better way to ensure the sustainability of our mischievous endeavors?

The final build will bear resemblance to the one below. Please note that the sweet mustache is not included. While the race of your character does not significantly impact the build, Dwarves hold a special place in my heart, and hence, I chose them. Orcs and Trolls also make excellent candidates for this build. It is worth noting that cyberware will not be utilized, and your spell slots can be allocated towards boosting your abilities, as well as other spells such as Mind Wipe and Petrify. Stun Ball and other area spells are best used on ley-lines, and may not always be worth the slot. Below is a list of recommended loadouts.

This build is not intended to be the quickest or most min-maxed, but it is certainly a fun build. It is adjustable according to personal preferences, but I wanted to share this enjoyable build and perhaps even entertain you with my dive bar humor. I am aware that some aspects of this build may appear unconventional or inferior to others. If you feel the same, feel free to let me know in the comments section.

Suggested starting stats:

The highlighted areas represent our primary focus. Your first priority is to increase your Willpower and Spellcasting. Once accomplished, you will have a stable foundation to build upon. Along the way, I recommend attaining Charisma level 4 and Summoning level 3, which allows you to select the totem. I chose Leopard for armor and movement.

Your primary weapon, apart from magic ley-lines, will be your shotgun and grenades. The basic idea is to stand on a leyline, utilize Spell Focus to strip armor, debuff spells like Confusion and Petrify or Glue, and then destroy the armor of powerful units to help your team dispatch enemies. Well-placed spells can make entire battles seem insignificant. This is where you excel. To find out more about weapon and spell loadouts, continue reading.


Willpower is the main attribute, with rank 8 being the top priority of this build. Achieving rank 8 in Spellcasting is equally crucial. Meeting the requirements for spellcasting and using items such as the Imbued Hermetic Fetish and zero-cost Cyberware like the Pain Editor will ensure that your spells pack a punch throughout the main campaign.

Quickness is our secondary priority attribute, and you should invest most of your Karma into it and Ranged/Shotgun ability. A comfortable rank 7 in both attributes, with Wild Aim, will serve us well in clutch situations. Given that you will often find yourself in close proximity to enemies, accuracy should not pose a problem. This attribute also grants access to the highest rank shotgun available.

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