Ruinarch – All Achievements: How to Get

 In this article, we shall furnish you with comprehensive information on obtaining all achievements in Ruinarch. We hope this page will be of great help to you!

Game Settings

To create a complete world, you will require both elf and human villages, as well as retaliation. The low cost and Omni mode make it easy to achieve all accomplishments in one place.

It Takes One, To Create One

To afflict a non-blessed villager with Psychopathy, simply right-click on them. The parameters do not matter.

Scratch That Itch

To trigger Flaw, right-click on your psychopath villager. This is a possibility for any villager suffering from an affliction, not just your psychopath.

Sexy Time

To obtain this achievement, afflict a villager who is unfaithful with 22A160. After they’ve had a few affairs, the villager will start to flirt with others.

Take them down

To remove a buff or any other blessed villager, simply right-click on them.

What are you plotting?

First, click on any house or building and Store Target.

Then, you can form a snatching group by right-clicking on any moveable object and selecting Snatch Object, not Seize Object. You can unlock the achievement once your unit has moved the object. If there are only a few villagers in the area, wait until night to eliminate them.

Do You Enjoy Slow Deaths?

To obtain this achievement, simply right-click on any food item and select Poison. This doesn’t trigger when you drink potions, and most villagers have a large amount of food in their home.

A Good Ol’ Destruction

Use a destructive spell such as Earth Spike to demolish a resource heap, which can be located outside of mining caves and around villages. The item I destroyed was a Stone pile.


To unlock this achievement quickly, afflict a villager with Kleptomania and construct the Watcher building. It is possible to trigger the villager’s Kleptomania and put an eye over the area where they are stealing from. If your klepto cannot locate a source of theft, you can do this with most ailments.

To store the intel, select the eye icon.

Store any villager. Next, start Intel (4 – from the top tab) and then right-click on your new Intel. Select Share With, and share the intel with the stored villager. The villager doesn’t need to have a reaction to unlock the achievement.

All I See Is Blood I and All I See Is Blood II

Achieving Ruinarch’s All Achievements can be a daunting task, but with the right strategies, it’s definitely doable. In order to obtain the All I See Is Blood I & All I See Is Blood II achievements, simply begin casting a destructive spell repeatedly on both a human and an elf village. Don’t worry about any retaliation, as it’s actually necessary to achieve the next goal: killing one member of each race.

The Is That You, Lucifer?

achievement can be earned by waiting until you’ve reached 5 retaliation, at which point angels will attack you. To defeat them, construct a Kennel and use it on any angels you want to capture. Zap can be utilized on the targeted angel to make it easier for your monsters to take it captive.

The You Sneaky Bastard!

Achievement is the most challenging to unlock, as tritons are incredibly rare and attack quickly. To obtain this achievement, try placing your portal near a body of water and summoning a few monsters. After waiting for 45 minutes, a triton will attack the spider you summoned, giving you the chance to capture it and put it in a Kennel. It’s best to avoid playing on x3 speed and find something to listen to while you wait for the triton to appear.

Credit goes to The Grand Mugwump and the Ruinarch Steam discussion for their helpful suggestions, which were followed instead of the Ruinarch server’s advice.

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