Revived Witch tier list 2023 All Characters Ranked

In Revived Witch, characters are ranked based on their strength and abilities. Here are the tiers for Revived Witch: Revived Witch tier list 2023 All Characters Ranked

  1. S Tier: These are the strongest and most versatile characters in the game. They have powerful skills and abilities that can easily defeat enemies and overcome obstacles.
  2. A Tier: These characters are also strong but may lack the versatility of S Tier characters. They can still be valuable members of a team and contribute greatly to battles.
  3. B Tier: These characters are average in terms of strength and utility. They can still be useful in certain situations and are good for filling out a team roster.
  4. C Tier: These characters are weaker and have limited abilities. They may still be useful in some situations but are not ideal for most battles.
  5. D Tier: These characters are the weakest in the game and are not recommended for serious gameplay.

Keep in mind that the tier list is not set in stone and can change over time due to updates and balance changes. It’s important to also consider a character’s compatibility with other team members and personal play style when choosing which characters to use.

Revived witch tier list 2023

Revived Witch is a popular anime-inspired RPG that features over 70 different characters to collect and use in battle. To make the most of your gameplay, it’s important to choose the right characters for your team. This can be a time-consuming and costly process, but fortunately, we’ve created a Revived Witch tier list to help you out.

In this tier list, we rank all the characters in the game based on their rarity, stats, abilities, and overall performance. We’ve divided the characters into five tiers, from the best (S tier) to the worst (D tier). By using this tier list as a guide, you can quickly identify which characters are worth investing in and which ones to avoid. So whether you’re a seasoned Revived Witch player or just starting out, this tier list is a valuable resource to help you succeed in the game.


Revived Witch Character

S Ella, Dorin, Celanya, Tuonel, Amanami, Ushpia, Afallen, Mineer, Arcana, Mineer, Akasha, The Miracle Cathering, Metamorphoses, Kapla, Yui
A Cersivey, Yui, Blue Shift Watcher, Cynetia, Caledonia, Lilia, Goorveig, La Crima, Mayahuel, Nannar, Ella, Kyphon, Tuonel of Night, Sher, Ushpia, Datheios
B Inn & Lou, Luan, Flora, Nom, Pakane, Tama, Hilda, Flora of Melody Lake, Norn
C Octavia, Fey, Shuffle, Nocturna, Elis, Nemesi, Avail, Cetess, Yurugu, Eulalia, Primula, Mortimer, Ruda, Croche, Yothaya, Viola, Anemone, Cuspidata, Czerni, Mikoto, Miku, Acheronte

Revived Witch destroyer tier list

Rank Revived Witch Character
S Ella, Kapla, Yui
A Kyphon
B Hilda
C Octavia, Fey, Miku
Revived Witch compeller tier list
Rank Revived Witch Compeller
S Amanami, Dorin, Metamorphoses
A Goorveig, La Crima, Arcana, Cersivey
B Tama
C Czerni, Mikoto
Revived Witch guardian tier list
Rank Revived Witch Guardian
S Afallen, The Miracle Catherine
A Caledonia, Nannar, Tuonel of Night
B Luan, Avil
C Cetess, Yurugu

Revived Witch healer tier list

Rank Revived Witch Healer
S Tuonel
A Cynetia, Sher, Flora
B Nom
C Eulalia, Primula, Mortimer, Ruda, Croche, Yothaya

Revived Witch assassin tier list

Rank Revived Witch Character
S Celanya, Akasha
A Blue Shift Watcher
B Inn & Lou
C Shuffle, Nocturna, Elis, Nemesi
Revived Witch mage tier list
Rank Revived Witch Mage
S Ushpia, Mineer, Mayahuel
A Lilia, Datheios
B Pakane
C Viola, Anemone, Cuspidata, Acheronte



Revived Witch Tier List Damage Dealers

0 Shiori, Isabel
1 Kapla, Goddess Dana, Claire
2 Asherah, Raphan, Yui, Mineer, Nicolis, Mayahuel
3 Betsy, Celanya, Camilyne, Ella, Akasha, Angling, Nasha, Ushpia, Matveiffe, Naiad, Dark Anemone, Parfait, Cutana, Evernight Noctuna, Phileanosis, Idol Flora
4 Anemone, Goorveig, Sally, Little Akasha
Revived Witch Tier List Tank
0 Catherine, Caledonia, Sanva, Afallen, Nannar, Tuonel of Night
1 Symbriette, Luan, Ella, Raphan, Camilyne
2 Goorveig, Kapla, Parfait, Angling
3 Little Akasha
Revived Witch Tier List Support
0 Eddine, Cersivey, Amanami
1 Goddess Dana, Ardisia, Lilia
2 Mayahuel, Tuonel, Princess Amanami
3 Goorveig, Hauen, Bellavita, Arcana, Ushpia

How do I perform a Revived Witch reroll?

To perform a Revived Witch reroll, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the tutorial until you receive your first 10x gacha ticket.
  2. Use the 10x gacha ticket to perform a 10x summon.
  3. Check the results of your summon. If you are satisfied with the characters you received, keep playing. If not, proceed to step 4.
  4. Go to settings and select “Account Management”.
  5. Choose the option to delete your data and confirm.
  6. Restart the game and repeat steps 1 to 3 until you obtain the characters you desire.

Note that rerolling can take a lot of time and effort, so it’s important to carefully consider whether it’s worth it for you. Additionally, make sure to link your account to a social media or email account to avoid losing your progress if you decide to reroll or switch devices in the future.

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