Resident Evil 4 – How to remove blue tint in game

In this post, we’re going to give you the perfect guide on how to remove the blue tint in Resident Evil 4.

First things first, you need to download Fluffy Mod Manager. You can find it at Install it by extracting the files over the previous version if you’re upgrading.

Next, download the Tint Remover mod from Drag and drop the mod in RAR, 7Zip, or ZIP format onto the mod manager window while it’s running to copy them to the mod manager or manually copy mods to [modmanagerFolder]\Games\RE4_Demo\Mods.

Now click on mods in the mod list to install them. Once you’ve installed the mod, start the game, and the blue tint will be gone!

If you want to compare the game with and without the tint, follow these steps:

Firstly, repeat all the steps in the previous guide. Then download ReFramework from, extract dinput8.dll from the zip file to your RE4 game installation folder, and start the game.

You’ll see the ReFramework menu on your left, which can be switched using the “Insert” key (you can change the key under “Configuration”). To enable the tint, go to the “Script generated UI” paragraph and the “FX settings” sub-paragraph. Click on “Color correction Enable,” and that’s it!

If you want an effect that’s reminiscent of a console, just apply a lather to your eyes and enable the eyes to be cleansed. Have fun playing Resident Evil 4 without any annoying blue tint.

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