Resident Evil 4 – All Collectables in Order of Appearance Part 2 – All Chapters

welcome to this informative post! We are pleased to present to you the ultimate Resident Evil 4 guide, featuring all collectables in order of appearance, Part 2 – All Chapters. Our goal is to help you unlock all achievements in the game with ease and precision.

Let’s dive into the specifics of Part 2: All Collectables Order of Appearance. In Chapter 13, to obtain the Castellan, head through the gate after defeating the rocket launcher enemies, and take the right path. The Castellan can be found in the right corner between a green forklift and an orange container-truck. To get the LE 5, obtain the Level 1 Keycard and flip the Power Control Lever to reroute power to the left side. Use the Level 1 Keycard on the Freezer door, then solve the puzzle in the freezer to access the treasure behind the door. For the Biosensor Scope, use the Level 2 card on the door in the hallway south of the Freezer, in the Incubation Lab.

In Chapter 14, there are several collectables to acquire. Destroy the Blue Medallions 5 at the entrance of a merchant shop, and find Even More Pest Control in the next Merchant room after leaving Waste Disposal. Make sure to backtrack to the previous room before dropping down into the next area to obtain Rat 1. Find Rat 2 immediately after the bridge Ashley can raise, and Rats 3 and 4 at the end of Waste Disposal where you flipped the Power-Reroute switch. To get The Wandering Dead, head left on a box after entering the door Ashley opens with a wrecking ball. The enemy will be marked on the map, and you can kill this powerful enemy in one hit with a rocket for 50,000 ptas. After the cutscene in Amber Storeroom, enter the tunnel and walk south, then look to the right. It will be on some lockers in a small building just above the Campsite.

In Chapter 15, Destroy the Blue Medallions 6 at the exit of the “Cliffside Ruins” area, and find the Castellan in a room with body bags hanging from the ceiling. In the north of this area is a small room with the Castellan on wooden beams above a treasure chest.

In Chapter 16, after the boss fight, during the timed escape sequence, you will find the Castellan on the right side of the rectangular room which has enemies in it. For the A rank achievement, complete the Smooth Escape challenge by escaping on the water scooter without taking any damage.

Finally, for NG+ weapons, the Infinite Rocket Launcher can be bought in NG+ for 2 Million ptas, while the Chicago Sweeper is unlocked by completing the game on Professional with an A rank. This can be done in NG+. The Handcannon can be unlocked by completing the game on Professional without using any NG+ weapons, but this cannot be done in NG+; it needs to be a fresh save. Lastly, the Primal Knife can be unlocked by finding all 16 Castellans.

We hope you found this guide helpful! If you need further assistance, we recommend watching our complete video guide for all 293 items in Resident Evil 4 Remake. Happy gaming.

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