Resident Evil 4 – All Collectables in Order of Appearance Part 1

welcome to our Resident Evil 4 – All Collectables in Order of Appearance Part 1 Guide. Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive list of all the collectibles you can find in the game. We have arranged them in chronological order for your convenience and included all the chapters in the game.

Here is a guide to the labels we will use in this list:

  • W = Weapon
  • C = Clockwork Castellans
  • R = Merchant Request
  • A = Chapter-specific achievement
  • U = Weapon part (only 1 can be found in-game and is not needed for any achievement)

Please note that we will not include any items unlocked and purchased from the merchant to avoid overwhelming you with needless information. Instead, we will focus on missable items you need to worry about.

We have compiled all the collectibles required for achievements in this list. If you want to find every single item in the game, we have also included a two-hour-long video guide created by PowerPyx. It contains all 293 collectibles in the game.

Chapter 1

  • W – W-870 Shotgun: In the Village after encountering a chainsaw-wielding enemy, you can find it in the big house on the left. The shotgun hangs on the wall upstairs.
  • R – Destroy the Blue Medallions: At the end of the Farm, pick up the blue leaflet on the wall before the closed gate.
  • W – Kitchen Knife: In the Farm area, inside the big barn in the northeast of the area. Climb up the windmill then follow the path upstairs in the windmill to get inside the barn.
  • C – At “Lakeside Settlement” on the map, near the dynamite throwers. It is in the house in the center of the area, sitting on the broken roof.

Chapter 2

  • R – Pest Control: The leaflet is right next to the first Merchant. You need to kill rats in the Factory. After entering, one is in the destroyed hallway on the right. Two more are in the room where you had the parry tutorial.
  • C – After using the Hexagonal Emblem to open a gate, go upstairs and enter the first hut on the left.

Chapter 3

  • R – Viper Hunter: After leaving the Town Hall, the request will be on the wall next to the merchant. You must find and sell three Vipers to the merchant. You will find them over time, but all three can be obtained at the start of the fish farm towards the end of this chapter.
  • R – Grave Robber: After reaching the church, do not go inside the save room. Go around the church to reach an alley. There is the request letter. After picking it up, go back to the graveyard in front of the church and shoot the V-emblems on the double graves near the center of the graveyard.
  • R – Destroy the Blue Medallions 2: Along the main path just after entering The Quarry, it will be on the wall.
  • C – Jump down the ladder near the merchant. Go to the end of the pier and look up to see it between the roof and wooden boxes.
Chapter 4
  • R – Egg Hunt: Before going on the boat on the wall to your left. You must find and sell a golden egg. The shore on the east side of the lake has a chicken farm where you find a golden egg.
  • W – Red9 Pistol: After you can drive the boat around the lake, this is found in the middle of the lake on a shipwreck.
  • C – North-west of the lake. Use the Insignia Key on the locked gate and climb the ladder behind it. This leads to a Forest Alt

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