Rain World – Unlocking Slugpups and Taming Guide

 You have stumbled upon the ultimate guide to raising your very own slugpup in Rain World – Unlocking Slugpups and Taming Guide.

Unlocking Slugpups

In order to unlock the ability to raise a slugpup, you must first complete the Gourmands Food Quest. In this game, you can consume almost anything to satisfy your hunger, which is indicated above the game screen. According to the wiki, this is all you need to eat. After completing the Food Tracker, you must then achieve the Outer Expanse ending.

Finding your Slugpup

To obtain a slugpup, you must first locate one. Slugpups spawn at shelters scattered throughout the region, with each region having a different probability of containing one. The Exterior has the lowest probability at 5%, while the Shaded Citadel and Pipeyard have the highest probability at 50%. The Industrial Complex is also a good location due to the high number of shelters and a 25% chance of finding a slugpup. However, it is important to note that slugpups are not available without mods in Survivor, Gourmand, and Hunter modes.

Taming your Slugpup

When you first encounter your slugpup, they will be afraid and hesitant to interact with you. However, you can earn their trust by offering them food and holding them in your hand. Once they are comfortable, you can place them on top of your head and bring them to a shelter to rest.

Raising your Slugpup

After spending time with your slugpup in a shelter, you will notice a smaller food selection above your own. This is your slugpup’s food bar, which must be replenished regularly. Slugpups are selective eaters and will only consume specific foods. It is up to you to experiment with different foods to find the ones your slugpup prefers. Be mindful of their food bar, as it will blink red when they are in danger and turn grey when they pass away.


Slugpup Training

You can train your slugpup to recognize certain enemies as threats or prey. Slugpups are particularly adept at killing enemies that they have encountered frequently. However, be careful not to teach them to engage in risky behavior, such as jumping into enemy attacks. You can also issue commands to your slugpup using this feature.

Personality traits of a slugpup

Slugpups possess six distinct personality traits, which include aggression, bravery, energy, nervousness, dominance, and empathy. These traits are affected by various factors, such as the slugpup’s environment and interactions with other slugpups.

Fun Facts

Did you know that you can feed drugs to slugpups and watch them shake? Or that slugpups can play and fidget when they are bored? You can also gift your slugpup items, such as pearls, to increase their affinity towards you. Slugpups may also point towards objects of interest, indicating their curious and inquisitive nature.

In conclusion, raising a slugpup in Rain World can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. With this guide, you should be well-equipped to find, tame, and raise your very own slugpup. Best of luck on your adventure.

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