Pokémon GO – How to Defeat Caits? Tips and Tricks

If you have been playing Pokémon GO, you are likely familiar with the elusive Caits, which can pose a significant challenge to defeat. Unlike other foes, Caits require a different strategy to bring down. Fear not, for we have compiled some expert tips and tricks on how to defeat Caits in Pokémon GO.

Mastering Weaknesses

In Pokémon GO, every enemy has unique weaknesses, and Caits are no exception. However, physical attacks are futile against these agile creatures. Instead, you must harness the power of magic to defeat them.

Elemental Barrage Skill

If Osvald is part of your party, you can acquire the Elemental Barrage skill, a potent attack that deals more damage than a single spell. This ability can be used repeatedly, making it an excellent option for taking down Caits.

Medium Soulstone

Another effective method for defeating Caits is to use a Medium Soulstone. This potent item can usually take down Caits in a single blow, regardless of the type of magical damage used. If you are struggling to defeat Caits, a Medium Soulstone could be your key to turning the tide.

Why It Matters

Defeating Caits is critical to leveling up quickly and earning plenty of Leaves. These elusive enemies offer substantial experience points and cash rewards, making them a valuable target for any adventurer. If you have Ochette in your party, equipping her with the More Rare Monsters Support Skill can increase your chances of encountering Caits, making it easier to level up and earn rewards.

Final word

Taking down Caits in Pokémon GO can be a challenging task, but with the right strategy, you can defeat these elusive foes and reap the rewards. Remember to focus on using magic and consider equipping Osvald with the Elemental Barrage skill or using a Medium Soulstone for a one-hit KO. With these expert tips and tricks, you will master Caits in no time.

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