Pharaoh: A New Era – Trade and Requests (FAQS)

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Pharaoh: A New Era – Trade and Requests (FAQS)

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The arduous journey we took to reach this city was in vain! They refuse to engage in trade.

Question: Why do traders breeze through my city without making any purchases?

Answer: There could be various reasons for this. If your Commerce Overseer does not have the authority to export a particular item, the trader will not attempt to purchase it. If the trader is unable to buy anything, they will simply pass through. If you suspect this is the case, you can click on the trader’s profile and check their status bar to see if they are heading to a Storage Yard. If they are, you can click on the icon to view their destination.

Another possibility is that your Trading Partner has already fulfilled their yearly trade quota. You can select a city on the Worldmap to see what they will trade and at what price. Once you have made enough sales to reach the maximum Buy or Sell category and the trader has stopped, they cannot trade again for that particular good for the remainder of the year. You will need to wait until a new trader arrives next year for the quotas to reset.

If you have goods stored up but your Storage Yard has no labor, the trader will be unable to purchase from the Storage Yard.

Lastly, the game engine searches for exportable goods and provides a route to those items when a Trade Caravan or Trade Ship appears at the edge of the map. If there are no export goods available at the time the trader appears on the map, they cannot purchase any goods from storage. Similarly, trade goods are allocated instantly as soon as the trader appears.

Question: Are traders permitted to trade a certain amount of goods?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is it possible to export and import a good at the same time?

Answer: No, they are mutually exclusive.

Question: Can I export a product for less than what I paid for it?

Answer: Unlike in real life, it is not possible to make a profit as a middleman. However, Ra’s blessing, which multiplies export proceeds by 1.5x, allows for certain items to be resold for profit.

Question: When do I pay or receive debentures for my trade?

Answer: For land caravans, your debens are deducted or credited when the trader arrives at the Storage Yards and the goods change hands. For trade ships, your debens are credited when cart pushers start taking items off the dock or arrive at the dock with the exported item.

Question: Why do trade ships continue to accumulate at a single dock even though there are multiple docks capable of trading a specific item?

Answer: This is possibly an issue. When trade ships spawn on the map, they search for the nearest dock that can handle the item they want to trade. The dock should be able to accommodate another ship, but this may not always happen (possibly intentional). You can mitigate this by assigning different items to each dock and reducing the distance dockworkers need to travel from dock to Storage Yard.

Question: Why do traders keep complaining about my city’s inability to trade, even after they have already done business?

Answer: This is a problem, or the correct line is unavailable or not set to trigger properly.

Question: Are some trade/reinforcement requests meant to be impossible to fulfill?

Answer: Yes. If it seems entirely absurd, it probably is. For instance, on Dunqul Oasis, the first request is impossible to fulfill, and it is simply an excuse to shut down a trade route.

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