Pharaoh: A New Era – Industry and Workshops

We’re excited to present you with this comprehensive guide on Industry and Workshops in Pharaoh: A New Era. Our aim is to provide you with valuable information that will help you succeed in your city-building journey.

Workshops and industries

Industries and Workshops are essential to the growth and development of your city. While food is a basic necessity, luxury items such as pottery, beer, and linen are what sets apart a thriving civilization from a struggling one. In order to attract aristocrats to your city, you must provide them with these finer things in life, as well as high-end goods like wine, ivory, jewelry, and other indulgences.

The Production tab in the game contains the majority of your industrial buildings. These buildings allow you to mine or quarry raw ingredients which can be stored in Storage Yards or sent to workshops to turn them into finished products. While most workshops require labor and one raw ingredient, some require multiple raw ingredients. There is no hard and fast rule on the ratio of raw ingredient-based structures to final product workshops, but keep in mind that certain items require more than one.

Bazaars are great places to purchase basic goods like pottery, beer, and linen, as well as high-end goods. Raw ingredients and finished products are also used in various buildings for services, such as wood in Bowyers, Shipyards, and Chariot Makers, and Papyrus at Scribal Schools and Libraries. In general, finished products are more profitable than raw materials when used for export.

Using industries and workshops effectively, you can transform raw ingredients into valuable export products that will keep your city financially viable. With careful planning and management, your city can thrive and prosper, attracting more and more aristocrats to its gates. We hope this guide has been helpful to you in your journey towards building a successful and prosperous city.

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