Pharaoh: A New Era – Granaries Storage Yards and Item Transportation

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Your city’s possessions are kept in Storage Yards and Granaries. Each Storage Yard can store up to 3200 items in 400 spaces, with each empty space accommodating 400 items. The items are not mixed. Your city can produce four types of products, including food, raw materials, luxury items, and food items.

Food is self-explanatory. It can be stored in Granaries or Storage Yards, depending on whether it was grown on your farm or purchased from traders. Granaries are exclusively for storing food items, which can be either consumed by your people or exported. For further information, please refer to the Food section.

Granaries, Storage Yards, Item Transportation

Raw materials such as straw, clay, flax, barley, uncut gemstones, wood, and copper are produced in your factories or farms or purchased from traders. These materials are typically not consumed in the traditional sense. Instead, they are processed by various shops, which transform them into different products. For more information, please see the Industry section. These items cannot be stored in Storage Yards.

The final products are created from raw materials that are purchased from shops or imported from overseas. The most basic items include beer, pottery, linen (basic items used in housing), paint, lamps, and other items (used to aid in Monument Construction), military products, and many more. These items must be built in workshops before they can be used, and they can be stored in Storage Yards.

Luxury items such as ebony, ivory, wine, and ebony are only used as burial items or to provide your Scribal level home with the required quality to enable growth. These items are typically expensive and rare, and they can be stored in Storage Yards.

Pharaoh: A new age enables you to manage your storage on a per-user basis in great detail. There are five commands available for Storage Yards and Granaries.

The Accept command allows the storage facility to accept cart pushers who bring goods into the building. To determine the amount of storage space an item is allowed to use, click the color circle to the right of the command slots.

The Get command allows an item to be stored, and the building will send two cart pushers to collect the item from any other storage facility in your city that is not set to the Get command. The cart pushers who collect items count as acquiring destinations walkers and can travel off-road. Please note that cart pushers cannot transport goods inside the building to any workshop that may require them when they are not out purchasing goods.

Accept None is a simple command that does not allow the storage facility to accept cart pushers from farms or workshops.

Empty will deliver 400 items to any storage facility set to accept or get the item. Unlike Getters, they will not take off from the road. If there is no destination, the cart pushers will stop pushing the item out of the storage facility to make space.

The big X eliminates all objects in the building and changes the storage command to Accept None. It’s courteous enough to ask if you are sure before discarding everything.

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