Pharaoh: A New Era – Bazaars Market Goods and Market Distribution Logistics

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Market Distribution Logistics, Bazaars, Market Goods, & Market Goods

In Pharaoh: A New Era, your bazaar ladies play a crucial role in distributing goods to your homes. While your stores may be brimming with jewelry, beer, and food, without a bazaar, your citizens will live in ramshackle huts and starve despite the abundance of goods. The bazaar dispatches two types of walkers: a Bazaar Buyer and a Bazaar Distributor.

The Bazaar Buyer is dispatched when they are ready to purchase something. The item is made available in a Granary, Storage Yard, or another location connected to the Bazaar via a length of road. You can control precisely which items and goods a Bazaar can purchase by clicking on it. The Bazaar Buyer is treated as a walker who drops off at a drop-off point for pathfinding.

Once the Bazaar has enough goods to sell, the Bazaar Distributor is summoned as a random walker. The Bazaar Distributor begins selling their products to any house they walk by. If the Bazaar runs out of goods to sell, the Distributor returns to the Bazaar.

Visually, the Bazaar Buyer and the Bazaar Distributor are distinct. The Buyer wears a basket on her forehead, while the Distributor does not. The Buyer’s children are 100 units.

Important Note

The Bazaar Distributor is different from random walkers in how she returns to the Bazaar. She will only return to the red despawn square of the Bazaar after she has reached the length of her maximum walker’s path. If she is recalled, i.e., the Bazaar is empty of items to sell, she will return to the red despawn square of the Bazaar to vanish. This is crucial for forced walker blocks and also when the Bazaar Distributor sells both food and other items. Since food sells more quickly than other items, the Bazaar Distributor who sells both will typically remain out and walk for a long time even after she has sold enough food. A recall request will prevail over a despawn return.

understanding the market distribution logistics, bazaars, market goods, and market distribution logistics is key to successfully playing Pharaoh: A New Era. We hope that this article has provided a clear and concise explanation of these concepts, and has helped you gain a better understanding of the game mechanics.

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