Phantom Brigade – How to Edit Save Game

In this post of the How to Edit Save Game guide on Phantom Brigade! Here, we’ll walk you through each step on how to edit your saved game to get the maximum amount of supplies and salvage permitted by the game. If you follow all the steps you can easily successfully Phantom Brigade Edit Save Game.

Edit Save Game Needed

For start, you will need a program that can edit .yaml files. It would be best if you were using “Notepad++” for this purpose. Additionally, you will need a program to open .zip files. “7zip” is an excellent option.

How to Edit Save Game

If you want to edit and save the game, you should bellow the following step of How to Edit Save Game Once you have these programs,

  1. Now you want to edit the game save, you have a save game. Play the game for a while, then save it and give it a simple name such as “Clown soup.”
  2. Navigate to “C:\ Users\ ****\ AppData\ Local\ PhantomBrigade\ Saves\ Clown Soup.”
  3. Open the “Content.Zip” file.
  4. Locate the “difficulty. yaml” file and edit the “combat_salvage_budget_defeat” and “combat_salvage_budget_victory” values to 99.0. This will allow you to take all items from the battlefield, whether you win or lose.
  5. Save the file and update the “” file (you may need to exit Notepad++ for the zip to edit).
  6. Next, set your supplies/salvage value to 10,000 (the maximum amount allowed in the game). Open the “” file again and then open “OverworldEntities.” Look for the “squad_mobilebase.yaml” file and open it.
  7. Scroll down until you find the “inventory” section. Set the “Supplies” value to 11,000.
  8. Save the file and close Notepad++. If you are using 7zip, it will ask you if you want to update/overwrite the edited file. Click “yes.
  9. You can update the “metadata. yaml” file to reflect the new amount of supplies you have, but it is not necessary.
  10. Congratulations! You are done editing your save game. You can experiment with other things you can edit in the save file, such as bonuses for weapons and mech parts.

I hope you will be able to upgrade your base and build rare body parts for your mechs, allowing you to zip around the map in no time. If the Phantom Brigade – How to Edit Save Game feature is annoying, you can change the difficulty settings to some outrageous values to benefit yourself and have more fun. Setting overheating to only 10% is effectively the same as turning it off, allowing you to rapid-fire and dash about without worrying about overheating. We hope you found this guide helpful and enjoy your Phantom Brigade gaming experience.

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