How to Online Birth Registration Application Form 2022 – jonmo nibondhon online

In this article How to Online Birth Registration Application Form 2022 – jonmo nibondhon online. Know how to apply for a new birth port online, what are the filling cards, the rules for forming the birth portal and how much the application is.

If you want to port your child or another place of birth to fill out the new portal application form, this post is a lot of requests for you. Because what is the key to filling the new birth port application form (Janmo registration application form online) online and the rules for filling the birth portal form online accurately are to be detailed with the picture.

At present, applications cannot be made by filling the handwritten birth portal form. You must fill out the birth portal form online.

New Online birth registration Application

Birth and Death Porton Act 2004 It is mandatory to make a birth porton within 45 of the birth of a child.

My advice would be that your child must do birth portal (birth registration) within 5 years of age as it will not be in 45 due to various difficulties.

Otherwise, if a 5-year-old is over-infected, a lot of docum is needed to make a birth portal.

Read the gender to apply for the new birth port, to correct and to get various information related to the birth planon color online.

Online Apply Now

Requirement of Online Birth Registration Application Form – Jonmo Nibondhon Form Online

Don’t know our property will have to write on the birth portal. So in this blog, I share everything in detail.

A new website has been created by changing the old website of the online birth portal application. At present, the new link to the birth portal is – Follow the steps below to apply on the birth portal.

Step #1: Collect the required information and documents What is required to apply for birth registration?

For the new portal, collect all the public papers and information and apply online. When applying for viewing, you can give all the information accurately.

The following information and documents are required to apply for the birth portal.

The baby’s old should be between 0 and 45 Days
  • EPI (Vaccine) Card
  • And mother’s digit or online birth porton (Bengali and English revolutionary) copy
  • And a copy of mother’s national law.
  • House holding number and hull son’s holding tax receipt
  • Mobile number of the applicant candidate-mother/ guardian
The child age 46 days to 5 years old
  • EPI (Vaccination) Card/ Health Worker’s Certificate (with Signature and Seal)
  • Mata’s online birth portal (Bengali and English revolutionary) copy
  • And a copy of mother’s national law.
  • Certificate (signature and seal) of the head teacher of the school if applicable
  • House holding number and hull son’s holding tax receipt
  • Mobile number of the applicant’s candidate-mother/ guardian
  • 1 copy color passport size photograph at the time of submission of the online application form.

For children over 5 years of age

  • Certificate for charge sheet of old constitution (Bangladesh Med Andent Dental Council recognized MS or above degree holders)
  • Government first government primary education completion, junior school certificate or mediac school certificate of education Bangla
  • Mata’s online birth portal (Bengali and English revolutionary) copy
  • And a copy of mother’s national law.
  • or, for the place or part for appointment/ proof of payment of tax against some of the residence declared as permanent address in the name of the mother/spouse/guardian
  • Or, land or house purchase deeds, rent and tax payment receipts. (If the contact address is deleted due to any other reason due to river erosion)

Step #2: Registrant’s Identity and Birthplace Address

Visit the link from your computer to apply online. Here you will find a page like Water. New Birth Portal Application

Select the address at which you want to make the birth portal, here.

If you want to port the birth to another member, from the municipal meeting or the city corporation, select the portal child or at which address in the next button.

See  the seat is 2 parts, the 1st part will raise the seat in front of the first part and the 2nd part will take part in the final.

If there are 3 parts in the election, the first 2 members participate in the first part and the last part participates in the election.

put name is in 1 word, the other team part is 1, the first part will be empty. Write the name only in the final part.

Fill in english in the same way. Further, fill in other information and place of birth correctly.

Finally, click on the next button to announce.

Step #3: Father’s and Mother’s Information – Father’s and Mother’s Information

In this step, the portal member will have to give the online or digital portal number and nationality of the child or father and mother.

Here are the names automatically after entering your mother’s digit birth port number. You can’t edit.

The leader, your mother’s birth portal Digit or online politics will definitely like it first. If the father does not have my birth portal information online, the child birth portal cannot be applied.

Check out the water link to see the birth of Porton Potton.

However, if the partner member’s date of birth is 2000 or earlier, he can give the name of the part-mother and the birth port number of the part-mother will not be numbered.

Click on the answer button that fills in the information.

Step #4: Present and Permanent Address – Present and Permanent Address

This network requires you to provide current and address information. Look at the water.

From the exercise, click on the None No button. It will reveal a picture of the drink.

In the case of permanent address, if the place of birth and permanent address is the same, tick the check box (marked in the red box). If the permanent address and the current address are the same in the case of the current address (marked in the red box), then tick the check box.

Otherwise, select the address and give the results of the village, home, and question number. Click on the next button.

Step #5: Applicant Information

In this step, the discussion will have to give information about the application of this birth portal. Usually the individual person for a natal portal is the father, mother, grandfather, pamhi, maternal uncle, maternal aunt or law applicant. So they continue to apply to the baby’s birth portal.

You can apply for your birth portal. Select yourself to apply for yourself. Or, select father, mother, grandfather, grandparent, etc. New Birth Portal Application Click on the next button and apply to let you keep it right.

Step #6: Print New Birth Registration Application

If you successfully submit the Zonemo registration online form, you send the application form to the birth portal. The birth portal application should be printed and submitted to the meeting/municipality or city corporation office.

While printing the application, notice that the information of the header and footer can be seen in the print. Because the header information will have the application ID of your application. The other application ID can no longer be seen.

You can’t find your birth application without just the application ID, so my request will be in the print copy of the application on the birth portal.

When printing the birth portal application, click on more settings from the print option. Print with a tick if the header and footer options are not ticked.