Ody Mos – How to Unlock All Achievements

Welcome to Ody Mos – How to Unlock All Achievements, a comprehensive guide to unlocking every achievement in the game. In this guide, we will focus on the Level Records, Level Completion, Failure Based, and Miscellaneous achievements.

Level Records Achievements:

There are 21 levels in the game, and for each level, there are three additional measures for completing it: Step Record, Time Record, and WiFi Signal. To unlock these achievements, you need to complete each level with specific goals:

  • Small step for furry friends: Record any level’s record in steps.
  • Frugal pedestrian: Beat all step records at all levels.
  • Just in time: Beat any level’s time record.
  • Hasty journey: Beat the step record for every level.
  • Enter the web: Earn the WiFi signal to complete the goal at any level.
  • WiFi Seeker: Earn every level’s WiFi signal completion goal.

Level Completion Achievements:

You can also earn achievements by reaching certain levels. To unlock these achievements, you need to complete specific levels:

  • Owosome performance: Finish 50 levels.
  • Time to stop!: Finish 100 levels.
  • Meet Ody: Finish the tutorial level.
  • Meet Esther: End level 6 Book.
  • Meet Candy: Finish level 16: Laser Feast.
  • Meet Ali: Level 17: Climbing.
  • Farewell: Level 21 Level 21: Double.

Failure Based Achievements:

Failure is not the end, but rather the beginning of a new challenge. To unlock these achievements, you need to fail in specific ways:

  • No rupees here: Break one pot.
  • Vehement art critic: Break 14 pots.
  • Mission is impossible: Collide with a laser.
  • Nekketsu spirit: Lose 50 levels by colliding with the laser or breaking the lid of a pot.
Miscellaneous Achievements:

Lastly, there are achievements that you might not come across through normal gameplay. To unlock these achievements, you need to complete specific actions:

  • Outside earshot: End a level using the “Voices” volume option set to zero in settings.
  • Innocent eyes: Complete a level using “SFW Mode” enabled (censor bars). This option is toggled using the space key.
  • Suspicious AFK: After you have completed a level, you can remove your fingers from the keyboard and let the “victory” or the “victory” play for 60 seconds. While you wait, you can read or meditate.

In conclusion, this guide provides a comprehensive overview of all the achievements in Ody Mos. If you notice any errors or updates needed, please let us know in the comments, and we’ll make sure to correct them as soon as possible. Have a great day, and don’t forget to bookmark our website for more posts and updates. Finally, credit is due to M<3rry for inspiring this guide.

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