Octopath Traveler 2 – How to deal high damage in 1vs1 & Setup

Discover how to effectively inflict massive damage in 1v1 battles with Hikari in OCTOPATH TRAVELER II by following this comprehensive guide. The setup entails using specific support skills such as A Step Ahead, Eagle Eye, Boost-Start, and Deal More Damage, in addition to particular equipment. The Battle Tested Blade is a vital piece of equipment that can be farmed with a low drop rate or obtained by completing Hikari’s story and stealing/entreating from an NPC in Crackridge Harbor: Anchorage.

Required for this setup

The accessories required for this setup include Alpione’s Amulet and Victory Ring. The former can be acquired by completing Ochette’s story to a particular point and doing the side quest at Gravell, while the latter is obtained by finishing a side quest in New Delsta: Backstreet, concerning a woman NPC’s husband’s gambling issue. Additionally, you will need to learn the Last Gasp skill by defeating a guard at the entrance of Montwise in the daytime.

Once you have all the necessary equipment and skills, get into a low HP state by challenging high difficulty NPCs and losing. Afterward, challenge anyone to a 1v1 battle with Hikari and watch the enemy’s health bar melt as you use A Step Ahead and Boost-Start, and Last Gasp. Note that this method requires SP recovery and that recovering HP will reduce the damage inflicted.

It is worth noting that the damage output may vary depending on Hikari’s level or the challenge’s difficulty. Although the Champion’s Belt may seem better than the Victory Ring, the latter outperforms the former in terms of damage output. Furthermore, the total amount of Hikari’s max HP does not affect the damage inflicted.

Lastly, the guide provides additional information about the Battle Tested Weapon, the locations of the NPCs that drop them, and their corresponding drop rates. The OCTOPATH TRAVELER II – How to deal high damage in 1vs1 & Setup Guide is now complete, and you are ready to dominate your 1v1 battles with Hikari.