Night of the Dead – Natural vs Synthetic Objects Definition

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Natural Objects:

In essence, natural objects are those that are not produced by human beings. They can be found across the world in areas that are not designated as Points of Interest (POIs). Examples of natural objects include boulders, trees, and so forth. The Woodcutter Axe and Jackhammer are effective tools for gathering and mining natural objects. However, using these tools can result in greater damage to the objects in question.

Different geographical locations around the map will feature diverse types of natural objects, each with its own distinct properties. While Iron Deposits are available in the open, Metal Ores can only be found in mines. Please be aware that entering a mine can cause passive chemical gas damage, necessitating the use of protective gear such as a Gas Mask or Purification Coil.

Synthetic Objects:

Synthetic objects refer to those that are man-made, such as vending machines, cars, and loot containers. These objects are scattered throughout the world map, though they are typically found within POIs. While paper boxes and broken barrels require no specialized tools to harvest, more complex objects such as cars and lamp posts necessitate the use of a wrench.

Specialized loot containers are the sole source of certain objects, including Coils or Weapon Mods. These containers come in various types, with each one containing its own distinct objects.

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