MythBusters: The Game – Crazy Experiments Simulator – How to Unlock Story Achievements

This article is a guide for playing MythBusters: The Game, which is a simulator of crazy experiments. It provides a walkthrough of all the achievements that can be earned while playing the game, including hidden ones. The game does not have a story, but players can earn achievements by finishing each myth.


The first set of related achievements is called “Story.” These achievements are earned by playing the game and finishing each myth. There are a total of 13 accomplishments, and each myth has two to three distinct tests. Some survivors will assist players in completing the game.

Hero’s Gambit

The first myth is called “Hero’s Gambit,” which tests whether materials can shield players from an explosion. Dynamite and grenades are used in this myth, and each explosive has a larger explosion radius than the one before it. Cutouts or shields can only be placed in specific locations, and trial and error is a good approach for solving this puzzle.

Balloon Chair

The second myth is called “Balloon Chair,” which tests whether a person can float on chairs connected to helium balloons and safely land. The accompanying minigame is challenging, and players will take on the role of Buster, a dummy who is armed and ready to fire balloons. To pass these tasks, players must alternate between shooting balloons to lower altitude and dumping ballasts. To go a little faster, players can rock the chair forward by pressing W and slow down by pressing S and moving rearward in the chair.


The third myth is a secret achievement called “Odyssey.” Players need to keep going beyond the target islands and float for 1,000m to unlock this achievement.

Curving the Bullet

The fourth myth is called “Curving the Bullet,” which tests whether a bullet can be bent by shooting it through a steel pipe. This myth only requires two accomplishments and tests, and it’s easy to finish the side challenges by walking along the bullet’s route and dropping pipes at every turn.

Salami Rocke

The fifth myth is called “Salami Rocket,” which tests whether unusual fuels such as salami and gummy bears can be used to launch a missile. There are only two accomplishments for this myth, and players need to modify their rocket’s trajectory so that it passes through the green target circle on its way up to finish Salami Rocket 2.

The sixth and final myth is called “Rocket Car,” which tests the ability to safely attach a rocket booster on a car to make a jump. The first test requires players to increase the size of their ramp or attach more rockets. The second test requires players to build many two-cylinder rockets to make the final ramp. The game’s minigame for this myth is to drive straight, then press Shift to activate rockets just before hitting the ramp and jump. Players should not activate the rockets until the car is in the sand at the end, or the car will veer left and crash, requiring a reset. Players can earn two achievements for Rocket Car, which are “Height Matters” and “That’s a Huge Jump!”

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