Milfy City – Liza & Yazmin Walkthrough and Guide

Welcome to the ultimate guide for navigating the Milfy City game and reaching the highest levels of your relationship with Liza & Yazmin! Our goal is to equip you with all the insider tips and secrets you need to unlock all the paths and endings in the game and to guide you every step of the way. Whether you’re a newbie starting out or an experienced player looking to elevate your gaming experience, we’ve got you covered. Let’s begin your journey to uncover all the hidden treasures that Milfy City has to offer!

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To unlock Liza’s path in Milfy City, players must first progress through Linda’s path until they encounter Liza in Linda’s Kitchen. From there, players can visit Liza’s house during either the morning or afternoon and meet Yazmin by the pool before entering the house. In order to proceed, players must retrieve the bucket from the garage.

To clean Liza’s pool in Milfy City, follow these steps: Go to Liza’s pool during the morning or afternoon and click on the highlighted bucket in your backpack. Then, click on the pool to begin cleaning it by pressing left and right until the green bar is full. Repeat this process for several days until the job is complete. Speak with Liza in the morning or afternoon, and then head to her office to have a conversation with Yazmin. Repeat this process for several days until no further dialogue options are available. Once the pool is clean, inform Liza during either the morning or afternoon. To meet Liza at the pool, visit during either the morning or afternoon. If a scene doesn’t trigger by clicking on Liza’s door during the afternoon or morning, try again on subsequent days.

To climb in Milfy City, follow these steps: During the night, visit Liza’s house and begin climbing. Click on the right and left-hand symbols when the filler is between the four arrows and turns yellow to climb. While climbing, players can peep by clicking on the appropriate button. During the morning, visit Liza’s kitchen. Return to Liza’s house during the night to climb again.

To access the Liza and Yazmin endings in Milfy City, follow these steps: During the morning, visit Liza’s pool and then proceed to her kitchen. From there, open the refrigerator and select the beer before heading to Yazmin’s office and taking the key from the plant pot. Finally, meet with Liza and Yazmin to enjoy the scene. During the night, return to Liza’s house and begin climbing again. Once players reach the lock icon, click the up arrow to trigger an ending. During the morning, first, visit Yazmin by the pool and then head to the bathroom. Finally, during the night, go to Liza’s house and enter the bedroom to access another ending.

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