Magnetic Levitation Train System – China Magnetic Train

Magnetic Levitation Train System in Chinese – China Magnetic Train system and to top speed details in here. China has built a comprehensive high-speed rail network connecting most provincial capital cities. The national 4+4 grid of 12,000 miles of tracks has been completed. China is now working on the 8+8 rail grid with a total mileage that will connect all Tier 2 Cities by 2030.

China has also left other developed countries behind by several steps in high-speed train technology. This time China has brought out another advanced technology train. Recently, they tested a prototype train based on ‘Maglev technology. The maximum speed of this train can be 620 kilometers per hour.

The word ‘maglev’ comes from the magnetic levitation word pair. That is, in this technology, the train is lifted by electromagnetic energy and moved forward in an almost floating state. As a result, there is no friction between the engine or room with the train line. As a result, the speed can be increased a lot.

This prototype train of China has been developed by scientists of Southwest Jiaotong University. There are no wheels on this train. Because this train is magnetic, the train is floating on the railway line. The 69-foot prototype was unveiled on Wednesday in Chengdu, China.

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Magnetic Levitation Train

BOOM contacted Sushanta Roy, a professor of electrical engineering at Jadavpur University, to know the working pattern of the high-speed train. “All high-tech maglev trains run in a floating state. There are sensors to maintain the distance between the train’s plate and the compartment.

The superconductor produces a high-powered electromagnetic field by transporting more electricity, causing the vehicle to move more quickly. In this case, it is necessary to create a strong magnetic field for two reasons, firstly, it can float the train, and secondly, it can speed faster.

“If a superconductor made of high technology can be made functional at room temperature, then it is very good which will reduce the cost and complexity to keep the temperature low.”

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